Final fantasy XIII orphan’s cradle boss guide- jabberwocky and bandersnatch

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These two are pretty tough, but not invincible if you prepare right. By now you should be very advanced on the crystarium- at least on the last circle of all your character’s primary roles. Provided you’re here, this fight shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re not there yet, you may want to consider grinding as things will only get harder!

Open the battle in the usual way (If you have a librascope though, use that instead of the libra technique), buffs e.t.c. The Jabberwocky has the DPS, but it’s also a pretty tough opponent to kill. It has more hit points than Bandersnatch, but is easier to stagger. Bandersnatch is also immune to physical attacks, whereas the jabberwocky is just plain hard to kill.

It’s much of a muchness between the two of them, but the larger of the two is the DPS. I however had no trouble killing the smaller of these two bosses and then moving onto his big brother, so it’s all up to you.

The key here is to get all your buffs in place and then to bypass your chosen target’s defence with the appropriate debuff- deprotect for jabberwocky, and deshell for bandersnatch. With these debuffs in place, you can then start doing some actual damage to your chosen target. Apart from that one thing you need to pay attention to, the rest of this fight is pretty straight forward. Keep your buffs up, pound the enemy with relentless assault, use tri disaster to do real damage to bandersnatch when he’s staggered, switch to diversity when you need to heal and so forth. There are no super attacks to worry about, and neither of these bosses hit very hard. Keep your health above 50% and you should be fine- especially if you have protect and shell in place. The Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch will also heal each other, but this shouldn’t be a serious consideration as it’s a tiny amount compared to your damage.

When you fight jabberwocky, remember that it is weak to elements, so an EN spell on your commando will also help to bypass its defence. Also remember that just because a party member isn’t doing damage to a target doesn’t mean that they are not building it’s chain gauge- and this is a very useful fact. Finally, remember to make use of your full ATB attack (such as Fang’s highwind)- you know, the one that wipes your enemy’s ATB gauge? Assuming you’ve unlocked it of course! This is especially useful for destroying the jabberwocky- I took out nearly half its health this way!

If you’re losing track of which enemy is immune to what, then check the notes on the enemy review screen (R1/Right bumper) for a reminder.

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