The Definition of Violence and The End of Terrorism on Earth

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I simplified Jung’s method because I discovered the meaning of very many dream symbols that he could not decipher, and because I discovered the existence of the wild side of the human conscience, besides verifying that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is wise and saintly.

My discoveries can put an end to terrorism and violence on Earth, since now we know exactly what provokes violence and how to eliminate it completely, when the person is still young. This way they will never exhibit violent behavior when they become adults.

Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method we are going to transform the next generations into wise human beings that will live peacefully and happily, instead of fighting and hating each other like we do.

This is the end of all wars, besides being the end of poverty, immorality and hypocrisy.

The human being will be able to verify his own cruelty and understand that he must eliminate the evil content he inherits in the biggest part of his brain and live peacefully, instead of being a slave of violence, despair and terror as he has been for years and years, since he appeared in our planet.

Violence is the result of many deceptions. It is a behavioral explosion that comes from the despair that all the deceptions of life together provoke to someone.

The solution for the elimination of the violent behavior in the human being is the elimination of the anger that results from bad experiences and deceptions in his life. He must learn how to accept what is bad without exploding and without killing.

He will learn how to be calm and patient, forgiving and understanding, instead of exploding in anger.

This is how he is going to eliminate forever the violent and evil side of his brain, transforming it into a positive part, which will make him more intelligent, since he will use in the conscious field capacities that today belong to the anti-conscience, his primitive side. Violence belongs to a wild behavior pattern.

The scientific method of dream interpretation will help everyone easily translate the dream messages, so that they may easily understand the wise guidance of the unconscious mind and follow it precisely.

This is how we are going to give a definitive end to all the horrors of our world, even if today nobody believes in such solution.

The discovery of this miraculous possibility is very recent. Only after many years will the whole of humanity learn the truth and be able to use this knowledge. Everything delays too much to be accepted and understood in our world…

The truth will eliminate everything that makes the human being suffer and desire to commit suicide, giving an end to hypocrisy and to all lies. This is a powerful truth, able to give a definitive end to all the craziness existent on Earth.

If you want to receive today the benefits that most people will learn how to evaluate only after many years, write down your dreams everyday and translate their meaning.

Put an end to the roots of violence in your own behavior, and help the world find peace with your balance and wisdom.


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