Why I Write for Online Content Sites…And Maybe You Should, Too

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When I tell people that I work at a bank, they are impressed, especially in today’s economy.  A few basic questions come my way, but for the most part, people understand what I do.  But when I tell people I work as a freelance online content creator, questions start flying.  What do you do?  Do you really make money that way?  How much?  Can I do it?  Do you have to have a degree?  Why do you do it?  Well, the last question is probably the easiest to answer, so if you’ve ever thought about writing online and you need some motivation, here’s why I do it.



I like the fact that I can write as little or as much as I want, when I want, and wherever I can get an Internet connection.  How many jobs so you know of that can offer that kind of flexibility and independence?  If I need extra money for Christmas or a vacation, I write more.  If I need a break, I write less.  The only production goals I have to meet are the ones I set myself.

Second income

Of course, the main reason I write is for extra cash.  There was a time in my banking career when I thought I might lose my job.  The economy tanked and I was worried.  Not only could I be laid off, but it might be months or years before I found another job that would pay the bills.  That’s when I put my future into my own hands and created a way to make money through other avenues.  My online income started out with a few dollars a week in upfront payments.  Yet, like any endeavor, you get out of it what you put into it.  I can now say that I have had months where I have made $50 and I have also had months where I have made $2000.  I have the potential to make much more than that, but being a realist, I understand that there are limits.  The quality of the content I create suffers when I am only in it for the money and a lot of effort is wasted.  Many people make a good living creating online content, but for now I am personally comfortable with making a good second income.

Self made schedule

Another draw for me is the ability to work whenever and wherever I want.  This means that if I am on vacation, I can take my laptop and make money.  I can work at 3:00 am, after dinner, on weekends, or never on a Sunday if I choose.  Plus, I don’t have to leave home.  I can spend time with my husband and two children and work in between homework assignments, dinner, bath time and LOST.  It is the ideal second job.

Glass ceiling

There is no glass ceiling for me.  The sky is the limit.  I have been writing now for over a year and I have seen an improvement, not only in my income, but in my writing.  I have begun branching out into print publication markets and have even begun a novel (or two).  Everybody’s got to start somewhere.


If you need a creative outlet, try writing online and get paid for it. I’m glad I did.


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