Sagittarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

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a friendship, you will get on very well with the Scorpio. You are both intelligent people and your combined knowledge will make for some interesting conversations. At the start of your romance, this will be one area which will help form the foundations of your relationship.

Sagittarius Scorpio Compatibility Astrology

However, this Sun Sign combination in a more passionate partnership could head for a few problems. There could be some strong emotional outbursts and some heated arguments and disagreements before you start to really understand each other. Remember that the only way to get to know your partner is through talking things through. Don’t leave arguments unresolved. Do your best to see your partner’s side of the issue and persuade him or her to do the same for you.

Your Scorpio is likely to be a possessive and even jealous lover, so be prepared. He or she will be devoted to you and this romance could be a lot of fun. You both enjoy the physical side of loving. Scorpio will need lots of loving displays of affection and although sometimes you aren’t in the mood for this, you will come to realise that your partner does have a strongly romantic streak. And rather than discourage this, you should do your best to oblige!

Sagittarius/Scorpio Match

You have an outgoing personality and it may surprise you to find that your Scorpio partner is actually quite shy. He or she doesn’t really like to spend a lot of time in crowded places and when you really enjoy a good party, Scorpio is ready to go home almost as soon as the pair of you arrive.

All he or she wants to do is be polite, show their faces and leave. All you want to do is mix with others, catch up on gossip and have a bit of fun. This can eventually cause problems between you. There will be times when you’d be quite happy to go places on your own but you can’t help but get a strong impression that Scorpio is suspicious and doesn’t trust you when you’re out and about with other folk.

Really, there are so many differences to your overall natures that it’s hard to imagine what brought you together in the first place. On the whole you find it easy to get on with most people and there shouldn’t be a problem finding things to talk about with your Scorpio partner. Indeed, if you are both working towards the same aims, you could work well together.

However, where this ends is when you reach your goal. For here you will want to pursue new interests while your partner will prefer to dissect everything and look deeper into the possibilities centred on that goal.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

You see your Scorpio partner is passionate and intense about most anything that takes up their interest. But because they give so much of themselves to everything, they won’t be in such a hurry to move on. You on the other hand prefer constant stimulation and this through change and variety. Sometimes you get on fabulously. Sometimes it is really hard to understand each other.


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