Sagittarius with Libra Love Compatibility

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True relationship compatibility in astrology looks beyond the Sun signs and compares planets and other features of the two charts.

Even so, zodiac matches are a popular element of Sun Sign astrology and comparing zodiac signs can give a general indication of how partners might relate to each other. If you are a Sagittarius, this is how you might see a Libran.

Sagittarius and Libra Living Together

It won’t take me to tell you that you don’t really like routine. You much prefer to live every day as it comes and if something exciting and a little unusual happens your way, then this is what makes life all the more enjoyable. And this is why you won’t need a partner who tries to get you to adapt to a more stable lifestyle. You want someone who is willing to enjoy a change as much as you do. Someone who won’t be so demanding that they don’t understand your relationships with both sexes alike. And above all, a partner who will be as easy-going as yourself.

And it is quite possible that in your Libran mate you will find this. For Libra is a generally easy to get on with sign. There are few people who don’t get on with them. And because it’s unlikely your partner will try to curb your basic independence, you should be quite satisfied with this partnership

Sagittarius and Libra: Romance

Librans place a lot of priority on their partnerships. Romance is the area in which the Libran can really feel fulfilled. And when a Libran is happy in romance, this will bring out all the positive aspects of their nature. Librans are friendly, loveable and fun. Librans enjoy change and variety. They love to party and he or she will make a wonderful host. Librans thrive when there are lots of people around them and they don’t particularly like their own company. In your romance, you will of course, expect to continue seeing all your old friends. However, you could be introduced to lots of new acquaintances by your Libran partner. Sometimes you might wonder how he or she knows so many people!

Brief Summary of a Sagittarius/Libra Relationship

This is a good relationship in that there will be a mutual enjoyment of social and friendship activities and a sense of excitement which keeps the two of you together. You enjoy each other’s company. In romance, your partner might start to demand a lot and you will need to discuss your own and your lover’s expectations so that you can reach a compromise.

Libra has a bright and bubbly personality but there is also a kind and caring person underneath. You could be surprised at how romantic your Libran partner actually turns out to be. It will be your partner who might suggest romantic holidays together. Your Libran partner will be the one to arrange cosy meals at expensive restaurants so that you can see each other on your own and catch up with the other’s news.

Sagittarius Libra Compatibility Astrology

Libra will understand that you are an active person with many responsibilities. But he or she can be relied on to come up with exciting new ways to add spark to your romance. Your Libran partner wants to please you and he or she will know that for this romance to work, they will need to inject change and variety into your relationship in order to keep you interested. – Yes, with your Libran lover you will never complain of being bored. Librans are tuned into the art of Romance. In fact, his or her second name could be Cupid!


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