Sagittarius and Virgo Love Compatibility

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You have a lot to offer the right person, in a romance. You have a wonderful sense of humour. You aren’t possessive or jealous in your loving. You love to have fun and you enjoy a regular change of scene which means that whenever you get the chance, you’ll pack your bags and take your lover on holiday.

Sagittarius Virgo Compatibility Astrology

You enjoy parties, discos and sport. You’d love it if your partner too, shared similar lively interests. In fact, you could really have a lot of fun going places and sharing activities together.

Will your Virgo partner be the one you can share all these wonderfully positive aspects of your nature with? Well, it’s difficult to say but really, it’s unlikely. Virgo won’t really be happy to take off on holiday at a moment’s notice. Even if this is arranged as a surprise for them they’d only complain because they haven’t had the chance to sort themselves out beforehand.

Virgo just can’t really cope with the unexpected – no matter how nice a surprise the unexpected happens to be!

Sagittarians and Virgoans Relationship

Virgo likes routine and order. Virgo likes everything neat and tidy. Virgo takes a keen interest in things such as Feng Shui, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbal Remedies …. Indeed, anything which is said to help improve his or her lifestyle.

And although you too might be curious about such matters, you like to keep an open mind. You would prefer to decide for yourself on where to place the furniture and you really don’t think a little dust or clutter hurt anyone. Virgo, however, has other ideas. If Virgo decides that he or she likes something a certain way, you will be expected to fall in with their wishes.

You could be surprised at how fussy and bossy your Virgo can get to be. And as a Sagittarian, this just isn’t for you. Instead, you’ll take yourself off and leave them to it. But, unless you reach a basic understanding, you’ll find that the more deeply you get into this relationship, the more time you spend AWAY from each other!

Sagittarius/Virgo Match

If there is one thing you really can’t stand, it is someone who tries to keep you on a lead. And unfortunately that’s what your Virgo partner will tend to do. Virgo is a more methodical, routine and orderly sign while you are a restless, adventurous individual.

You will want some freedom and it’s unlikely Virgo will be happy to give this. They’ll want to know where you are going, who you are with and what time you are likely to get back. Such limitations will get you down until you might wonder whether this relationship really has anything going for it.

Another area where you won’t see eye-to-eye is the handling of your joint finances. Whereas your partner will want to save for that traditional rainy day, you’ll be quite happy to spend your money while you can.

You enjoy acting on impulse but your partner will try to curb your impetuosity. In order for this relationship to work, one of you will have to change. But can a leopard change its spots?


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