Scorpio with Libra Love Compatibility

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True relationship compatibility in astrology looks beyond the Sun signs and compares planets and other features of the two charts.

Even so, zodiac matches are a popular element of Sun Sign astrology and comparing zodiac signs can give a general indication of how partners might relate to each other. If you are a Scorpio, this is how you might see a Libra.

Scorpio Libra Compatibility Astrology

Libra is a pleasant and easy-going sign. So it can be understood how you feel so attracted to your Venus-ruled partner. But it will be important that you should make an effort to understand each other quite early on in your relationship.

Your partner loves peace in the sense of harmony at any cost and he or she will often go out of their way in order to achieve this. This could, however, mean that many things will be left unsaid and this makes it more difficult for you to really get to understand them. You can be quite a possessive and jealous person and your flirtatious, outgoing partner will give you plenty food for jealousy. But you must learn to trust them. Because deep-down they will be true to the one they love.

Scorpio with Libra Relationship

Granted your partner won’t be as passionate and serious as you are about certain things in life. But then again, you can’t expect this from everyone for it won’t be easy to find someone as dedicated and devoted as yourself. Probably if your Libran partner is the female in this relationship, it will stand a better chance of working.

Libra loves to love. Scorpio loves to be loved. Libra is ruled by the loving planet Venus and Scorpio is ruled by powerful and energetic Mars. There is likely to be a very strong sexual attraction here. In fact, this is what may have caused the two of you to notice each other in the first place.

There is something between you that you both felt you couldn’t ignore. Your Libra partner is intelligent and you enjoy talking with him or her well into the nights. They are interesting company. Libra loves to dream and because you too, can be imaginative when you want to be, you’ll be amazed at all the wonderful things you manage to dream up together.

Librans love to travel and in the early stages of this romance, there are so many shared activities to keep you occupied that you are bound to feel that you have met the partner of your dreams. Where there could, however, be problems is when you notice how very friendly and sociable your Libran partner happens to be. He or she attracts attention everywhere they go.

Scorpio/Libra Match

He or she loves all-night parties and discos and you wonder where they find the energy. Sometimes you wonder if you can really trust your Libran partner. Well, they will always be friendly and they will always need to have a lot of people around them. If you can understand and accept this side of their nature and if you can hold those strong feelings of jealously at bay, this could be a reasonably lasting and loving union.

On the other hand, you could start to get frustrated with the way your Libran partner seems to have a very active social life outside your romance. And if you aren’t comfortable with the type of people they happen to mix with, it’s unlikely this romance will continue for very long.

The best thing to do is talk things over between you. Work on being honest with each other from the start and take it one step at a time from there.


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