Libra and Gemini Love Compatibility

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What you need in a partner is someone who isn’t too demanding. Someone who understands your need to keep a degree of freedom even in a loving relationship. And above all, a person who shares your basic outlook. With your Gemini partner you aren’t far wrong if you think you have found that person.

Libra Gemini Compatibility Astrology

There are so many areas of compatibility in this relationship. Neither of you enjoy routine. Neither of you are particularly tidy. You both like some variety in life; you enjoy socialising and you prefer to give your time to intellectual rather than physical pursuits. You are ruled by the planet Venus and this means that you love the good things in life. You enjoy luxury, good food, good wine, good parties and expensive jewellery. You like to have fun and you don’t want to spend too much time worrying about the future or getting anxious about your everyday responsibilities.

Libra and Gemini Compatibility as Friends and Lovers

Your Gemini partner also knows how to live for the moment. Gemini likes to travel and you’ll get the chance to visit many interesting places during the course of this relationship. Gemini will want to introduce you to all his or her favourite holiday spots. Gemini will always be thinking about the next place you might visit and even if you don’t have any long journeys planned, there’ll be a lot of regular short-distance trips. This means too that you are likely to be introduced to a lot of people while you are with your Gemini partner. Therefore I think that when two people born under the signs Libra and Gemini get together, you are likely to feel that your Gemini is all you could ever hope for in a partner. Gemini wouldn’t dream of curbing your healthy social life. You each share similar ideas, hopes, hobbies and erotic fantasies!

 Librans and Geminis in a Relationship

Gemini is always on the go but sometimes you might feel as if you could do with a ‘little rest’ – just to recharge your batteries. As a Libran, you love to dream of romantic situations and yet often there are so many people around you that you don’t really get the chance to put your romantic ideas into action. Plans for a cosy candlelit supper may be ruined when a dozen friends turn up at the same time and you all decide to settle for a trip to your local fish-and-chip shop.

Yes, you would perhaps love a bit more ‘romance’ in your life but you can’t have it all, can you? And there is so much that you like about your Gemini partner. When you can’t make up your mind about things, your Gemini partner will help you for there is a strong level of understanding in this relationship. You’ll each feel free too to continue your friendships with members of the opposite sex without this causing any friction with each other. This is a modern attitude towards a partnership that will bring you happiness in very many different ways.


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