The Sony Daily Edition Reader.

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The Sony Reader Daily Edition notepad is ideally suited for reading books, articles from newspapers and magazines, and anything else that your local library has signed up with the service.  And, therein lies the problem with the Daily Reader, it is limited to your local library, and if you live in a small city, town, village or out in the boondocks, you may get very little, if anything, provided for free by your local library.  People living in large metropolitan areas, like Toronto, New York, Los Angeles or Mexico City, the content could be endless.

Boosting 16 levels of grey for clarity, the seven inch touch screen display on the Sony Reader Daily Edition offers different zoom levels, not leaving you with having to scroll down for small articles.  Most e-readers have their text in a wrap-around mode, meaning you have to scroll down, up and sideways to read an article in it’s entirety, unless you want to try to read an entire page, reduced from a real newspaper down to fitting on an 11 inch screen.

What the Sony Daily Edition Reader does not provide is web access, or an unlimited time to read your content.  For many libraries, like the Chicago Public Library, people are charged for a license, which allows them to have the content from 14 to 29 days, and after that time limit expires, access to the content is ended.  The Sony Reader does not have that limitation.  One more thing that the Sony Daily Edition Reader has going against it is it’s price, in the $400 USD range.

Advantages of the Sony Daily Edition Reader would start with it having an AT&T 3G modem installed, and free 3G wireless access, with no fees for downloading, data exchange rates, or any other charges and hidden fees.  You buy the reader, and you get endless support and access to your local library‘s streamed content.

The major problems for the Sony Daily Edition Reader start for people who live in small towns, especially far from New York and Chicago.  The New York Public Library is the partnership library for the opening of the Sony Daily Edition Reader, as the play on words with the New York Times Daily Edition and the Daily Reader would imply.

Having access to everything that the New York Public Library has on file ready for reading via e-books and tablet PCs, for free, makes never having to buy a newspaper or publication again.  From the top magazines from the top literary cities in the world, to the most immediate news flashes, the Sony Daily Edition Reader provides everything that it promises, but the question may just be;  has it promised enough?

Buy a Sony Daily Edition Reader for yourself, and find out what the fuss is all about.   If you buy a lot of newspapers, have subscriptions for online webzines and other digital medium, then the Sony Daily Edition Reader may just not only be the perfect e-book reader for you, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run, even with it’s high introductory price.


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