6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Building And Maintaining A Blog

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Its been said over and over that maintaining a blog is a great way to grow your business. If you own a business and do not have a blog set up yet, you might want to think about building a blog as soon as you can! Blogging can be the upper hand you need to give your business a boost. Here are some ways you and your business can benefit from a blog.

Although blogging is the new weapon of choice when it comes to marketing tools, it should be noted that you can’t expect that just by setting up a blog and feeding content to it, you will benefit from it. You have to learn how to blog effectively. Ineffective Blogging will simply waste your time and efforts. But, using blogs effectively you can ensure a healthy growth for your business.


One of the best if not the best benefits of blogging is credibility. By being current and posting updated news of your industry and providing relevant information related to your industry, readers will come to know you as an expert whatever niche you may be in. It establishes you as an authoritative figure who knows what hes talking about. Another word, since you are able to constantly provide updated information and stay current with the new and happenings of your industry, people will trust you and accept you as a credible source.

Targeted Traffic

Whether you own an online business or an offline business, you need traffic, targeted traffic to be exact. Blogging allows you to expand your reach beyond the normal boundaries and gives you more ways to drive quality targeted traffic to your site (business).

Building a relationship
One of the main reason blog readers prefer bogs over formal website is… well the informality of blogs. Blog posts are usually informal. While they are informative, they are entertaining as well. At the same time it makes it easier for your readers or customers to relate and feel a much more closer relationship between you and themselves. Over time it builds trust between you and your readers.

Easy subscription for readers

Another great benefits of blogging is that allows your readers to subscribe to your blog, and opt to receive notices of your most recent posts, delivered directly to their inboxes. Which makes it easier for your readers to follow you and be updated of any new and relevant information you may post. By Providing relevant and useful information to your readers, you can ensure they’ll continually come to you first.


Blogs can provide you with one of the most powerful tools for communication between you and your customers. If you set up your blog to accept comments, you readers will be able to post feedback on your posts and tell you what they like or what they don’t like. This will give you valuable insight and ideas regarding your next product or project.

Cheap and effective marketing
If you have been in business for a while, then you know how costly marketing can be. Think of all the money and time you will have to spend to market your new product or service. A blog can cost you as little as $15 a month, yet it is one of the most effective marketing tools of today’s marketing world, not to mention its ever growing popularity that makes it a perfect tool for long term marketing as well.

These are just a few of many ways you can benefits by using a blog. I am sure with the fast evolving internet and related technologies, blogs will be playing much bigger rolls in our economy in the near future. After all, running a business is about making money, and blogging can help you do just that, make money!So jump on the blogging bandwagon, and take advantage of one of the cheapest and smartest marketing tools available today, and build a blog to take your business to new heights.

About the author: Satrap is the founder and author of controversial blog, blogstash.com. A blog full of great how-tos and information about making money online. Visit blogstash today for more information on this and otheronline jobs



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