How to Make Private Label Content Your Own

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For Starters, Don’t Accept Less Than Top quality Content!
You can afford to be selective these days, given that Private Label Content has grown in popularly, more and more PLC sites are starting up all over the web. Investigate the niches being targeted, and especially the quality of the content itself. It is a good idea and these days common practice when purchasing content, to ask for an example article from the author.

A tip for the new player.
Some of the stuff on offer out there, is just hilarious when you read it, if it actually makes any sense to begin with. So, ask for a sample copy to make sure the writer can actually understand english. Might sound a bit silly about making sure they can understand english, but you would be surprised just how often this is not the case. Some of the stuff on offer has been translated from some other language, then just offered for sale without any proof-reading – I kid you not!

Check the articles for uniqueness using any of the free services (plagiarismchecker dot com; copyscape dot com; dupefreepro dot com) or paid services and software, for copyright violation software. As previously mentioned – there are some unscrupulous sellers out there.

Alter the content of the headline.
If you are using keyword-optimized content, be sure you keep the keyword in the headline – however be inventive concerning the words that revolve around it. Therefore if your content uses the keyword “Juggling Cats”, your headline could be “Where to Discover Cats for Juggling” or “Taking Care of Your Post-Juggled Cats” and the like.

Change the opening paragraph.
All that is necessary here, is to ensure that your keyword is found at the very least, once. Have a good look at the remainder of the paragraph. How can you articulate the same thing in another way? Look for synonyms – making use of your thesaurus. You could modify the tone, like adopting a more relaxed style – this will actually read better in any case, as many times the original style is quite dry, or point form. Sometimes, it’s not such a bad idea to write a different opening entirely.

Combine Various Content Articles Into One.
You are able to create a totally new style, if you take a couple or more short PLC articles, on an identical topic and combine them into one extended, fact-packed article. At times it’s possible you’ll find out you have to do this anyway, if some of the articles are indeed a little light on content. Not all PLC articles are produced with a 500 word minimum! From time to time it can be obvious that the writer was lacking inspiration, at the time of writing.

Work through the content.
Add a line here; take away one there. Change the sequence of the sub-headings. Expand each paragraph, by adding a number of unique details. Break up a long passages into several shorter paragraphs, or sub-headings.

Reword the conclusion.
Basically, where do you want the reader to go? Certainly – not away from your page, if it can be helped. Take into consideration what you would like the reader to do next, as in, is this the right spot to place your own affiliate link, or write a lead-in to your own item or services?

Another road you may choose is to utilize article rewriting software: free (articlespinner dot org) or paid (TheBestSpinner dot com). Programs are available which allow you to insert an article and it will rewrite it automatically. If you use this system, be sure to check the quality of each article, as sometimes it may not make sense.

Some other most helpful free sevices are: spell checker (orangoo dot com) and word count tool (wordcounttool dot com).

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make private label content your own.


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