The Mythical "invisible Kick" ; Tips And Truths

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The Invisible Kick?

Kicks are strikes using the lower limb of the body (legs). It is more powerful than any hand strike and delivers more momentum. In order to deliver a good kick, there are some factors; one of these factors is the stance. In order to launch a powerful kick, you need a good stance. There are some common kicks like roundhouse, front and side kicks.

A kick can have the power and the speed but is has this long time (time of travel) of execution compared to a hand strike. A kick is also quite obvious to anticipate because it has a long range of travel, it has to launch from the ground and your legs are heavier than your upper limbs. (In requires a lot of training to deliver a swift kick)

So to the martial artists and enthusiasts, can you imagine a kick that is invisible and just strikes the opponent without him anticipating it; making it impossible to block?

Now, I will discuss some possible factors that this invisible kick hides.

1. It might not be possible to make your leg invisible but the speed or your kicking speed can be improved in your training. Train for the foot speed or the kicking speed that they say. In this, your opponent might be too late to react with your kick hitting him.

2. Another is you stance. Once you can deliver fast kicks (although it will still be obvious to your opponent and they can react as fast as your can kick) you can now focus on your stances. My idea… try practicing you fast kicks in weird angles. Practice stances that should deliver this kick (ex. He expected roundhouse because of your hip twisting but you executed a front kick) but you are able to throw an unexpected kick.

3. And… try covering the line of sight of your opponent with your guiding hand (your hand in front) while you deliver you weird fast kicks.

Ex. Before executing a front kick in a roundhouse stance, try giving the enemy a  straight punch in the face ( with fast drawback with purpose of covering the opponent’s line of sight to give way to your kick). In these situation, your opponent will not think of you kicking because; he can’t see your leg(only your fist) and when he attempts to block the hand strike, your hand quickly draws back and a fast weird angled kick hits him.

4. You need to practice.

These are only some of the things that might make your kick appear invisible. “Invisible Kick”.

Thank you for reading.


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