How To Protect Your Public Information From Being Easily Obtained.

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The Internet provides a wealth of information to anyone who owns or has access to a computer.  It is way too easy today to find out someone’s personal information including their address, phone number and other personal information.  There is a way that a consumer can still protect their personal information.  Securing your personal information from the public can protect you in a number of ways including identity theft and possible stalking. 

 First, there are over 25 Internet websites that offer public information on just about everyone for a fee of about $35.  There are no laws that prevent website from distributing this information to anyone for a fee.  However, there are steps in which you can take to   prevent your public and personal information from being displayed on the Internet.

 First, you can contact each of these Internet sites and request that your information be suppressed due to security reasons.  Most Internet sites will comply however, the information is only guaranteed to stay off the site for 6-12 months.  After 12 months the information can begin to appear on several websites all over again.

 The only way to permanent remove your information from the various websites as well as public record is to have it legally removed.  You can file a petition through an attorney or you can do it yourself at your county courthouse.  The petition is a request for a hearing to have your public information suppressed from the public. 

 In nearly all cases the judge will rule to suppress your public information and your records will be sealed.  However, there is a fee associated with this process.  For fees and other information you must contact an attorney or your county courthouse.


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