Chinese Parsley-Cilantro-Coriander

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All parts of cilantro are edible. Cilantro is also known as Chinese parsley or coriander. It is a herb that is a native to Europe. The leaves and seeds are used in cooking. The seeds can be used as a treatment for cold when boiled for tea. When the seeds are crushed they have a citrus lemon flavor. The seeds are considered to be a spice. They are often roasted. These seeds are often used for brewing certain types of beer. The root of cilantro has a stronger flavor than the leaves and seeds.

Cilantro grows wild in Europe. In Israel it is called manna. This herb has been used as a herbal remedy for anxiety and insomnia in Iran. In India, it is used as a diuretic. In holistic medicine it is used to treat digestive problems. In some regions, the juice of cilantro is mixed with turmeric and mint juice to treat acne when applied to the skin. Caution, cilantro is known for causing allergic reactions in some people. When using any herb for medicinal benefits, please seek the advice of a doctor or herbalist first.

Cilantro may be used in fresh or cooked dishes. It can be purchased at the market year-round. Cilantro goes well served with spicy dishes, chili, enchiladas, curries, chicken, corn, salsa, and shrimp scampi. It is best when used fresh. Dried cilantro will lose flavor and color. It is best to add cilantro to recipes at the end of the cooking time. Cilantro will also lose flavor when exposed to heat.


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