Review: SEO for 2010 by Sean Odom

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SEO for 2010 by Sean Odom is a tremendous resource of information on optimizing your articles for search engine placement.

SEO for 2010 details the basics of search engine optimization. Techniques such as keyword stuffing, meta-tags and back links are thoroughly introduced.  Sean Odom provides in depth information on keyword density, keyword stuffing and tagging your articles to match your title and content.  Consistency is key when designing your website content using search engine optimization techniques. 

Because of the prevalence of Google, Mr. Odom discusses the many tools Google provides that are available for free to the web designer; however, because Mr. Odom is an expert in his work, he knows that other search engines should not be ignored in your quest for website traffic. Bing is an up and coming website that requires different techniques for website placement.

A significant portion of the book is dedicated to the concept of back links.  Back links are links to your website from other websites.  These types of links are important because it gives the illusion of popularity.  If other website link to yours then in Google’s eyes this means your website is relevant.  Mr. Odom discusses back links and how to get them.  He also outlines the different between no follow and follow links. 

Social media optimization is also covered.  The popularity of social media is not to be ignored.  Utilizing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Reddit are covered as well as etiquette when responding to other individual’s blogs and forum postings.  There is a fine line between back links and spam.

SEO for 2010 is the search optimization bible.  This book is a must read for any writer who is optimizing their articles for search engine placement or designing their website to market their products. 


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