Is Love at First Sight Real? – Psychological Types and Behavioral Programs

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Love at first sight seems to be impossible to happen for some people, who imagine that love is a process.

How can you love someone you don’t know and you have seen only once?

They think that the supposition that this is true love is absurd and very far from the truth, because they believe that this is only a strong attraction, a sudden passion, something that won’t last for long and is not profound: it is something that cannot be compared to real love, which comes with observation, time and confidence.

Most people think this way, however they are totally wrong. If you are one of them, please take the time to read this article in order to discover scientific proof for the existence of love at first sight, which is stronger than any other kind of love and lasts for life!

Each person inherits from birth the tendency to prefer a certain type of man or woman. Carl Jung gave to the image of the perfect man for a woman in dreams the title “animus”, and the title “anima” for the perfect woman for a man.

For example, if your favorite type is blonde, all brunettes will seem ugly to your eyes. However, the collection of characteristics that you prefer in the person of the opposite sex is quite vast. This is not a simple matter…

Whey you love someone, you love them because you like many things in them, not only one or two details. As a matter of fact, you feel that you really love someone when you are happy with all their characteristics, without wishing that something in them or in their behavior was different than what it is.

Therefore, your perfect match has to represent the personification of your list of requirements. You not only prefer blondes, you also like a companion that won’t talk too much or that won’t be too silent, someone that will understand you and have the same style, someone that will agree with you on almost all points or at least in the most important ones, someone that won’t be too attached to the material world but that will also care about what is indispensable, someone that will listen to the same music you do, someone that will make you laugh, someone that will follow your thoughts, in other words: someone that will have a thousand characteristics you like, and whose behavior will also be the one you prefer.

You may think that it won’t be easy to find a person that will be exactly the way you desire…

However, your perfect match is not an imaginary personality. All the characteristics you prefer are concentrated in one person, and this is not a product of chance. There are many factors that link you to the other person, transforming them into the ideal one for you because you both belong to similar psychological types.

There are many programs that define the human reaction to the various stimuli of the environment. The psychological type of each one is a programmed collection of reactions to all stimuli, the same way that the behavior of a wild animal that kills its prey with the first attempt is also a programmed reaction, otherwise it would not only fail in its first attempt, it also wouldn’t be able to survive, having so many natural enemies in the forest.

Everything in nature is very well programmed so that it may function perfectly, and the same is applied to your preferences and your behavior, since you are an animal too.

I could give you many other examples, and write many pages about this matter. However, I have already proved you that you must respect the existence of love at first sight, because of the existence of psychological types and other behavioral programs that define the human reactions.

If you are lucky enough, you may discover your perfect match, and suddenly fall in love, without having had any previous contact with this person. You had better be always prepared for this meeting!


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