Runescape Money Making Guide (F2P)

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These are a few of the methods that I used to make loads of money in RuneScape.

Deadly Red Spider’s Eggs- They re-spawn in the Varrock Sewers, which is a red exclamation point on your mini map. Travel to the end of the sewers and you will find 2 or 3 red spider eggs re-spawnig. They are worth 330+ GP each, pulling in roughly $9240 per trip. Lower levels are advised to bring food and armor, as the sewers have monsters.

Rune Essence- After completing the Rune Mysteries quest, you have the ability to travel to the Essence mines, and mine rune essence. Travel to the east Varrock bank, and head directly south until you reach Aubury’s Magic Shop. Right click on him and click teleport. Mine the rune essence by click on the big rocks, and a single click does a full inventory, so this is very efficient. Once you are full find a portal, head back to the bank to deposit your essence, and repeat. They currently sell for 71 gp each, resulting in about $1988 per trip.

Lumby Livestock- Head to Lubmbrige and kill chickens or cows, both drop money intensive items. Chickens drop 0-15 feathers, which are always in high demand and sell for 15-16 each, they also stack which means you can collect as many as you wish before going to a bank or the GE. Or you could kill cows for cowhides, which sell for 100-200 GP, and also have a high demand.

If you have 60+ Woodcutting, Yews are a great way to make money. I won’t go into too many specifics here, because there is a lot of info about it already.

Marketing- Buying stuff cheaper and selling it for more. Common items often fluctuate in price, and if you buy them at a low point and sell them when the prices rise, a great amount of money can be earned. Only works if you have a lot of money already. Study the prices on the RS official page, under community -> Grand Exchange. Study the graphs to look at items that are on the rise, and could be made profitable. You could also buy food like swordfish and lobster and take it to PvP or bounty worlds and sell it for inflated prices, quickly making a profit.

These were the methods i used to make my fortunes, and i hope they will work for you too!

Sorry for the crappy layout, I had to quickly retype this after my battery died.

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