Goldenrods A Natural Remedy

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There are about a hundred species of goldenrods. Goldenrods are easy to find. They are ofen found growig in meadows, ditches, along the roadside, and waste areas. They bloom in the late summer to early fall. Many believe that this flower causes hay fever. Parts of some goldenrods may be eaten when cooked. They are used in making tea and for decorative purposes. In some regions of the world they represent a symbol of good fortune. Goldenrods produce a lot of nectar and bees love them. The honey that is made from goldenrods is very dark in color and has a strong taste. Goldenrods are a member of the daisy family. They grow well in sunny areas.

Goldenrods are popular in industrial use because rubber can be made from them. They are popular in herbal medicine. Goldenrods are known to help the kidneys. They can help fight inflammation and irritation when there is a bacterial infection. Tea can be made from the flowers and leaves of the goldenrod. This tea is helpful in treating snake bites, bladder and kidney infections, colic, coughs, colds, asthma, and sore throat.

In the United States, the goldenrod is the official state flower of Nebraska and Kentucky. In South Carolina, the goldenrod is the state wildflower. In Delaware, it is known as the state herb. As with taking any her for medicinal purposes please seek the advice of a doctor or herbalist before using. To many people the goldenrod is a symbol of caution or encouragement.


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