The Best FREE Origami PAPER AIRPLANE Designs and Templates!

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The Best FREE Origami Paper Airplane Designs and Templates!

For all paper airplane fans and lovers, I found some really good places to find instructions for making paper airplanes.

Here are the websites:

This website offers 10 original paper airplane designs that fly well.  Best Paper Airplanes is a free site that illustrates how to make unique folded paper planes.  These are the paper plane designs offered:

Deltry – how to make a simple to fold, beautiful flyer

Moth – how to make a pretty origami paper airplane

Tumbler – how to make a paper airplane that flies like a ticker-tape

Canada Goose – how to make a beautiful, slow flying paper airplane

Duck – how to make a flying paper bird

Condor – an Origami paper airplane

Spike – how to make an unusual plane of middle difficulty

Katydid – how to make an intricate Origami paper airplane for expert folders

Slider – another easy to fold paper airplane design

Zump – a fairly simple and sturdy paper airplane design

Fun Paper Airplanes website offers free paper airplane designs that you can download and print.  Each model has a template that you can print from your computer and includes clear, easy-to-follow directions and flying tips.  So all you have to do is print, fold and fly!  Their paper planes are grouped by skill level – beginning flier to expert.

There are many free paper airplane designs on this website.  The air plane designs are grouped into easy to make, medium difficulty and hard to make categories.  The easy to make paper airplanes include: The Rapier, Paper Helicopter, Paper Rocket, Flying Fish, Nick’s Paper Airplane, Origami Paper Airplane 3, Dmitri’s Paper Airplane, Floating Paper Airplane, etc.  The Medium Difficulty Paper includes include:  Dragon Plane, The Edmonton Shadow, The Swallow, Trapezium Paper Airplane, Chris’ Paper Airplane, Nose Heavy Plane, Napkin Paper Airplane, etc.  The Hard to Make Paper Airplanes include:  Cobra Paper airplane, Origami Paper airplane, The Lightning, and Sabertooth Paper Airplane.

This website also has many free paper plane designs.  They offer about 24 paper plane designs that you can choose from.

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