Top ten ideas of taking natural care of you hair loss problem

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Top ten ideas of taking care of you hair loss problem

Hair loss and hair problem is one of the problems which every human being is fighting out. Be it men or women every loves their hair and here I am writing on ten tips of taking natural care of you hair. Firstly  I would like to focus on ways to clearing dandruff which is one of the main cause for hair loss.

1)      If you are having dandruff problem then applying curd helps in clearing the problem. Apply curd on the hair and leave for few minutes ( say about 15) for the curd to take effect) then wash it off with shampoo.  Applying curd isn’t easy though as it stinks a lot and is hard to tolerate the smell but the after result is great and with just 4-5 uses it clear dandruff completely.

2)      Egg is rich in protein and many recommend it using it on the scalp to clear dandruff problem and I have personally tried it and seen good effects. Just take 2-3 egg yolks (for your scalp) and apply it nicely on your scalp, leave for 10- i5 minutes before washing it off. Mind it, it is really smelly and intolerable but I did it for my hair.

3)      Using Lemon juice and Henna (mehndi) also helps keeping your hair dandruff free also giving it shine and smoothness. Applying Henna once every month is good for the hair but if you love you hair color then better be careful as leaving it for long gives the hair a reddish tinge.

Will continue on the remaining tips in my next article; hope to see some comments on it and also other natural tips , which you use and is not in my list ,on controlling hair loss.


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