Awesome Note App Review

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Awesome Note is a revolutionary note-taking app, which combines notes, memos, and to-do lists all in one brilliant application. What’s great about Awesome Note is that it allows users to customize almost everything about it, from folder icons, to themes, to different note backgrounds.

Main Features and User Interface

Awesome Note has a very easy-to-use interface, something that many other apps lack. Everything is organized in a very neat and stylish order. First, there are a number of coloured folders, each with different topic, such as work, study, to-do list, shopping, and more. Inside each folder, you will find buttons that enable you to add notes and edit existing ones. There are also buttons that enable you to change the view of the folder between thumbnail, to-do, and list view. Once the preferred view is chosen, you can explore each individual note by tapping on them. This will bring up the full note, with the ability to edit text or font, email, add an image, change note background, delete note, etc. The user-friendly interface is one of the most appealing features of Awesome Note, as it allows you to begin using the app right away, without spending too much time getting the hang of it.

Other Features

In addition to the main purpose of note taking, Awesome Note has many other handy features which make the overall use of the app easier and more pleasant. Firstly, it offers the ability to switch to landscape mode in every view. The larger keyboard in landscape mode makes life easier when you need to type a long note. Secondly, you can choose to add your own customized folder, complete with unique icons and coloured folders. Another great feature is the Quick Memo. Here, you can type a quick reminder to yourself without picking out a folder to place it in. Once your note is complete, it will remain there and you can access it quickly by tapping the Quick Memo button. In the Settings menu, you will find even more features, such as password protection, the ability to sync and transfer your notes with Google Docs or Evernote, and more.

Awesome Note is available in the iTunes App Store for $3.99. They also offer a Lite version of the app for free, however this version will not offer all features described above. Awesome Note is a fantastic productivity application that will help you manage your time and keep you focused on the tasks at hand. It is well worth the money.


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