How to Get Free Stuff – Get rewarded to surf the web using Google and

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Step 1

Go to This page takes you to the registration page. Sign up! You get 30 swagbucks (Digital Dollars)just for signing up.

Step 2

It’s best if You download the swagbucks Toolbar, because you get messages about swagbucks and where to find bonus swagcodes for even more swagbucks. And if you set swagbucks to be your home page, You can see the random hourly winner of 100 free swagbucks. Also there are special messages given on Twitter regarding where to find swagcodes. Also download a swidget which is used to receive messages or clues about swagcodes. Facebook also has a Fan Page to keep up up with what’s happening and sometimes get clues on where to find swagcodes. A great place to ask and answer questions about swagbucks.

Step 3

Start searching and earning Swagbucks. Just do normal/natural searches, the same as you would if ou were searching with Google or ( Swagbucks search engine results are actually sponsored by both of these)Go to the swagbucks store and Shop. Where the free stuff comes in at: You can use these swagbucks to order Gift Cards and 43 other Gift Cards. Airline miles, Apparel and accessories, Books and magazines, Collectibles and Comic Books, Electronics, Video Games and Consoles (Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP) I-Phone (Free Activation) And alot more free stuff. 1000’s of free prizes and all with FREE SHIPPING TOO! Your Swagbucks start to add up fast and You’ll be shopping in no time.

Don’t oversearch

For more detailed information about Swagbucks visit my blog at *very important*
If you read my blog and still have question just leave send a message and I’ll be more than glad to help.


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