What does the Ten of Pentacles Tarot card Mean?

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The ten of pentacles suggests some form of lump some coming very soon and this has something to do with family matters.

It could be an inheritance or a financial gift from a close relative. This card links both family and domestic matters with money.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sudden and unexpected sum of money but in linking these two areas together there is a suggestion of:

  • an increase in income due to changing circumstances within the family
  • an improvement in family business or
  • better career prospects for those who matter.

So money matters just have to be improving when the ten of pentacles appears in a spread.

Symbolism in the Ten of Pentacles ~

The ten of pentacles is a warm and homely card, representing family and all aspects of domestic life. This includes traditions and projects or events that bring gain into the family circle. What is underlined more than anything is their home itself. This suggests the person for whom the card has appeared may be making some repairs or improvements to their home.

Fulfilment, according to this card, will come in the form of material and financial security.

Predictions in the Ten of Pentacles ~

Perhaps they’re considering building an extension, or even purchasing a new house because they now have the money to enable them to do so. This card indicates a possible sale or the purchase of a new property to replace their old one. And if the querent seems worried about this move, then the tarot suggests, through this card, that a favourable change of residence is likely to take place.

Whatever the circumstances, it will be the whole family who stand to benefit. This will either be through an increase in income which may go towards decorating or making some changes to their home which will add to their material comfort. Extra cash might also mean a family holiday, a family reunion or just being able to help out some struggling the youngsters. The ten of pentacles is a family card bringing togetherness in closest relationships, helped too by less financial pressures.

Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles in a Tarot Spread ~

When the ten of pentacles appears in a spread, benefits are on the way. These may be unexpected, or the querent may have worked long and hard to reach a stage that they are able to put long-cherished dreams into action. And what is highlighted in their spread, above all, through this card, is that their family life will be improving quite significantly


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