What does the Ten of Swords Tarot card mean

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When the ten of swords appears in a spread it can seem to bring with it a time of grief or sadness; it is a card of destiny.

This card will break down all emotional barriers. But at the same time, the person for whom the card has appeared could be entering a period of possible turmoil and they are starting to prepare for this.

Symbolism in the Ten of Swords ~

Sorrow sometimes has to be experienced for reasons of fate according to the symbolism in this card. There are some things that are unavoidable. It’s no use asking “why me?” because this is something the querent must go through. In a way, this card could be helpful to the querent for it brings their attention to the uncertainties they have about a difficult situation. Dark moments are experienced and the only way the querent can now go is up!

Predictions in the Ten of Swords ~

At the same time, this does not mean that the decision they are about to reach is wrong. In fact, they must overcome their doubts and they shouldn’t allow worries to prey too much on their mind. Even so there is some anxiety suggested by the ten of swords. It could be that they’re feeling under pressure, or as if burdens are too heavy and this may have negative effects on their health.

Maybe they’re tossing and turning at night because they can’t get certain things off their mind but these troubled times won’t last for long and some things might actually be worse than they look. Whatever is the case, this card tells the querent to be careful about who they confide in at present.

Something is coming to an end according to this card. As well as this, the ten of swords suggests that this won’t be easy but deep down they know that certain things must happen so that new chapters can begin. They’ve been through some difficult times and although it won’t be an overnight change, things can only get better from here. The number ten represents hope and out of the ashes, the phoenix will rise. New beginnings will be built on firm foundations as they’ll have learned through the benefit of experience.

Advice in the Ten of Swords ~

There is the possibility of a conflict which is coming up some time in the near future. Because of this, sudden decisions will have to be made and the advice the querent receives could be wrong or misguided. These conflicts can be avoided if they are prepared for them — especially if they want to avoid disharmony.

 When interpreting the Ten of Swords in a tarot reading it must be remembered to weigh up this card with what is revealed within the cards in the rest of the spread.


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