What does the Ten of Wands Tarot card Mean?

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The ten of wands is quite a complicated card and it basically suggests that there is something going on which might not be advantageous.

The Ten of Wands signifies this as being a time of extremely hard work and heavy effort for the person for whom the card has appeared.

Indications in the Ten of Wands ~

Hard work and constant effort is bound to sap their vitality and leave them feeling exhausted. Even so there will be some positive accomplishment at the end of all the hard work.

Will it be worth it? That’s for them to decide but this card in a spread suggests they might be thinking about pulling out of a certain project, or sharing their responsibilities so they have more time for themselves.

Delegation is a good idea. It would be good if the querent can achieve goals, but if they’ve had to make sacrifices to do so, it’s time to consider their priorities.

Predictions in the Ten of Wands ~

The querent will recently have been showing an ambitious side of their character. This card indicates things aren’t turning out as they expected. This doesn’t mean their efforts haven’t been successful. According to this card, they should be very pleased with their progress.

But the problem is, because of increased responsibility, there’s less time in their life for other areas. They’re working so hard but they might feel they can’t enjoy the fruits of their labour because of their current commitments.

Advice in the Ten of Wands ~

How do they get around this? The ten of wands suggests it’s time for them to take another look at their life, their aims and their commitments. Perhaps positive changes can be made to ease the burden?

If the querent is working, then there is the chance that a new boss, or changes within their job situation, are making them feel uncomfortable. They might feel as if someone is constantly watching over their shoulders and that they aren’t being respected for their conscientious efforts. Perseverance will, however, do them credit. This card suggests the possibility of gains and success, and yet success might not be what they expected because this is likely to bring further burdens down on their shoulders.

In overseas dealings or some other matter of communication, delays or frustrations might be expected. The querent might not receive the reply they were hoping for. Or a letter or parcel could get lost before it is received.

General Indications in the Ten of Wands ~

Keywords associated with the Ten of Wands:

  • Hard work
  • No time for relaxation
  • Feeling over burdened
  • Everything is an uphill struggle

When this card appears in a spread, nothing is likely to come easily however as with all the other tarot cards, when interpreting the Ten of Wands remember to consider it within the context of the cards revealed in the rest of the tarot spread.


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