What Does the Ten of Cups Tarot Card Mean

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Happiness is represented by the ten of cups and this card suggests an increasing realisation of how valuable friendships are.

The Ten of Cups is always a lovely card to turn up in a spread. It represents joy and happiness especially within the family.

Symbolism in the Ten of Cups ~

Whenever this promising card turns up, the person for whom it has appeared might be assured that good times are ahead. Within this card can be seen a family welcoming a rainbow across the sky. This suggests they are about to achieve happiness and contentment. The rainbow links earth and sky, symbolising the power of love and giving man a glimpse of Paradise.

Predictions in the Ten of Cups ~

No matter what the querent’s current circumstances, this card is powerful and it indicates that there will be a beneficial outcome even if they feel a little doubtful. Problems and frustrations will gently be eased away and any family changes or plans they may be thinking of making should succeed.

They should have every reason to feel optimistic when emotionally, they’re quite content and pleased with the way things are going. And no matter what other cards surround the ten of cups, there will be certain areas of their life which just have to be quite rosy.

This person has friends they know they can rely on, no matter what they might go through together. Having such wonderful people in their life will help to keep them strong.

What the Ten of Cups Means in a Tarot Spread ~

Social relationships aren’t the only thing to be represented by this pleasant card. It suggests contentment within the family and inner satisfaction too.

The person for whom the card has appeared in a spread might feel a sense of pride and optimism about the future. If there was a question on their mind before their tarot reading, the ten of cups suggests their wish will be granted.

The Ten of Cups in Answer to Questions ~

If their question has something to do with a move, and they’re thinking of leaving a place which has come to feel like home to them, the tarot’s answer is that they should stay put. And the reason for this is because the place where they currently live is a fortunate one for them. New people and new opportunities will soon arise.

When the ten of cups relates to career, it implies that promotion or some sort of attainment is on its way and this might even put the qurent in the public eye.

A lot of emotional satisfaction is indicated by this card. It might also suggest that within the next ten weeks or ten months, the querent will find something which will both surprise and delight them.


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