How To Prepare Your Interior For Painting

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Before you paint a room in your home you need to do some things to prepare for the painting and protect your pocessions and flooring. 

The first thing you should do is clean the room.  Remove small items and place them in another room.  Move all furniture either out of the room or to the center of the room.   Cover the furniture with drop cloths. 

Wash down the walls and make sure they are dry. Avoid any electrical outlets. 

Remove outlet covers, switch covers and lighting fixtures.  Place masking tape over the plugs, and the switches. 

Place masking tape on window seals and frames.  Create a a ledge on the op of the windows making the tape stick out about 2 inches.  You can do this by layering the tape and going out a bit with each layer. Or you can fold a couple of sheets of news paper up until they are about 5 to 6 inches in length depending on how wide the window trimming is. Then place tape on the underside of the paper.  The tape should be taped in a circular fashion so that there are sticky sides on both sides, sticking to both the paper and the window from, and tape it to the window.  Then secure further by taping it over the top of it too taping it to the trim. 

Closely examine the walls to detect any defects inthe wall, such as small holes, chips, or deep scratches.  Patch and prime if needed. 

Open windows to ventilate.

Get a lamp and remove the shade in order to get maximum lighting in the room, move it around the room as you work.  Don’t have it plugged in near where you are painting, and be sure to replace the masking take after you move it from a plug.

Cover the floor with drop cloths.  To keep the floor even safer cover it with plastic as well.  I like to use plastic disposable table cloths from the dollar store. 

Assemble your paint, brushes, paint pans, brushes, and ladder. 

If you are painting the ceiling paint the ceiling first.

Just a note about face plates and switch covers if you want them the same color as the walls before sure to paint them while they are off of the wall and before you seal up your paint cans.  Allow them to fully dry before placing them back on the wall. 


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