How to Replace Your MP3 Player for Free

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I’ve had alot of problems lately with buying things and having them die for one reason or another. I’ve gotten rather good at calling customer service to have them replace it whether it is out of warranty or not.

The first thing you need to do is have all your information handy when you call customer service so that when they ask for it, its right there and it will be relatively quick.

Next they will have you print off a shipping label so you can ship it back to them and when they receive it they will send out your new one.

I’ve had this happen to two different Sansa Clips by Sandisk that I had bought at Christmas last year and one the volume button broke and weirdly enough a couple days after they shipped me a new one for that, the other one broke too. They didn’t even question anything most companies will replace a defective item within the first year regardless of you having a receipt or not. I got the one of my Sansas off of Ebay and the other from Amazon. All they needed were the serial numbers and they had no problem replacing both of them.

I have to say Sansa is a really great company and I’m glad when I did reviews on MP3 players I went with them because they are so courteous and helpful. Always check reviews before making an important purchase it makes a world of difference.

If you can’t find the customer service number on the box or didn’t keep the box you can always go to their website and look it up there.

If for some reason they give you any trouble ask to speak to a manager, don’t take no for an answer.

With MP3 players keep all the papers and the box it came in, this makes it much easier to get the information you need.

Most companies will only do this one time, as a one time courtesy replacement but after that they won’t do it again so really take   good care of your MP3 player.


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