Pain leads you to Success

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“There’s no success without paying”. This is just a simple quotation yet it bears a complex meaning. Achieving success takes a lot of effort, commands more courage and requests more determination. Gaining the desired goal is like hitting the stars, trying and trying harder until you hit the mark.  Some quotation are helpful to me because I could not finish a course if I don’t study hard; I cannot fix a certain problem if I just sit and do nothing; and I cannot get what I want if I do not work hard for it.

Quotations change my vision in life. Physically, I lessen the attitude of being lazy and start to work harder. Spiritually, I’ve learned to get much closer to God, and I have learned to make Him always a part of my daily activities. Emotionally, I have learned to live life to the fullest and live my life with joy and courage.

God gives me the knowledge, for I ask Him the wisdom. The Bible says, “Man cannot do something without God”, which is definitely true. God help me to choose the right direction. He teaches me what’s wrong and right. Through that, I have learned to go far about my vision in life. I know that God has a plan for me, so I believe in God’s power. I am a human being. I am a dreamer. To reach those dreams of mine, I have to use my personal power. In order for me to reach those dreams of mine, I have to work on my own. Yes, I do trust myself, but still no one is perfect. I believe that I haven’t known something which others have. With others’ opinions and different visions in life, I can learn with them and they can also learn with me.

Vision is something longing by everyone’s life. There were procedures that I follow in order to reach success. First, I should learn to lean on God’s hands. I always keep this phrase in my mind, “Without God, I am nothing”. Secondly, learn to have self-confident. I never think of losing hope in reaching for something. Lastly, I always keep in mind that there’s always somebody that could really help me in achieving my goals.

The importance of the quotation is that, it serves as a guide to everyone, to strive harder for their dreams in life. As I continue the journey of my life towards reaching my goals, I have learned a lot from my self, from the people around me and from the lessons that I have heard and from God above. I won’t stop dreaming and believing because I know someday I can be the so-called unreachable star above.


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