Review of Htc P3400

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Htc Smartphones are growing in demand as it is one of the cheapest PDA sets available in the market. Ergonomically designed these Htc Smartphones are taking the market by storm and now a day I see these Htc Smartphones even in the hands of small kids.

I too wanted to own a Htc Smartphones but didn’t have the budget so I started saving money and finally I saved enough to buy Htc P3400. Htc P3400 is one of the cheapest of all the Htc Smartphones available in the market here in Siliguri but I think it is one of the best looking sets because of its manly design and bold looks.

So finally I managed to buy an Htc P3400 and I have been using it for almost a year and I am just writing down my experience with the set in this article. As I already mentioned Htc P3400 is the cheapest amongst all the Htc Smartphones but look wise I feel there is no other set close to it. Operated on windows operating system Htc P3400 is one of the most easy to use palm tops, if you use a computer then using the set is a pieice of cake.

Htc P3400 supports 8 Gb of external memory and the best thing is it doesn’t hang like most of the Nokia sets, the touch is very responsive as well. Though Nokia, Samsung and many other have launched cheap touch sets but none can compete with Htc Smartphones and Htc P3400 is a master piece and best of them all.


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