Is Technology Threatening Jobs?

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In the last few years people have blamed technology for eliminating jobs and there is some truth to that statement. There are a lot of jobs that a machine can do better and more efficient than we as humans can do. If we use this to our advantage, we can become more creative with our thinking process which is something machines and computers don’t really do better than us; and that is reasoning, discernment and real thinking. 

For years businesses had to decide whether to upgrade to more technology that supposedly one day would save the company money by eliminating the labor intensive work that an individual was doing. The problem with this process was that the new computer or software or any machine that you ordered; did not work right from the get go and in essence would cause you more labor to get it up and running properly. I remember many times of software upgrades where we were promised by each software distributor that the bugs were all fixed and they can guarantee no problems with implementation what so ever; only to find out 6 months and even years later that the bugs never really were fixed. 

Another problem that has come up in the “upgrade technology” frontier is that some people agreed and went all out with the new way of doing things and other people balked and drug their heals. I have seen people in offices hide their work from the boss because they were using the old calculator on the desk and/or just adding and subtracting by hand to get to enter the numbers into the computers. Once every office and home had a computer or several computers these people had to get on the bandwagon. 

There are always going to be jobs that people have to do, such as attending to the technology of computers and machines, etc. I would much rather press buttons on my phone now and not hear a customer service representative who really is just reading from a script and does not have any idea of what a person is calling about. I would sincerely prefer a computer program figure out my numbers on a spreadsheet, colors for my dining room, addresses for my email and mailings, etc. this kind of mundane daily grind work is much better left to a machine. But when I go to the doctor, or visit a five star restaurant or a concierge; there really has to be the human element in the transaction.


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