The Effects of Technology

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How has technology changed how we go about our day-to-day activities?

More and more this topic is becoming a loaded question. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am virtually living in a virtual world, as are many of those reading this I can assume. I currently attend Law School and almost all of my classes are taught online. In addition to this I am also attending my Alma mater Florida State through Distance learning in an attempt to get a second BA and MS degree. In the time of a recession one has to get as many degrees as possible, I guess, and in the information age it has never been more possible to go to school, work, gamble, invest, listen to music, all at the same time from the comfort of your own home. I am a firm believer that these advancements we are seeing more and more aggressively imposed on the market, such as the iPhone, Ebay, Skype, and even the newly created Chat Tag sites where people setup video conversations briefly with complete strangers, only to see lord knows what is waiting for them on the other end, are all beneficial in some way. I am a firm believer that these technological progresses in our society indeed bring progress, but there are some concerning threats they pose as well and that will be the topic of the following information on this page.

The following are some topics concerning technology, such as internet addiction, file sharing, internet piracy, content contribution online for revenue, and cyber terorism. I have covered these topics over the past year and links to the respective aricles acan be found below. These are brief summaries of those articles as they relate to the topic of this course. I would also like to point out that in addition to writing this article for whatever future readers may stumble across it, I am also writing this particular article for one of my classes at Florida State. My hope is that this one article will be a living breathing piece which I will update and add links to and will be the core connecting piece linking to all of the work I have in the past online and may do in the future. I think by providing links to my previous and future work through this one source I will be able to enhance the traffic to all of my work online.

I will keep tack of the traffic and post it currently as of March 22, 2010: There have been 109 views and earned about $1.67 cents in revenue.

Please Enjoy these articles summaries to all of which the respective article links can be found either within the text or at the bottom of this page.

Internet Addiction

With most teens and adolescents, there is a thin line between casual Internet use and addiction. The Internet has become a portal to knowledge and digital adventure for many, but some parents fear the negative effects of the unlimited access to all forms of content. Parents specifically take issue with the easy access their children have to explicit material, and the compulsive behavior that can stem from it. Here are the facts on Internet addiction and its effects.


According to, Internet addiction can be defined as compulsive use that interferes with the natural flow of one’s daily life, relationships or work. The organization also notes that Internet addiction is not yet formally identified as a psychological disorder. The concept of Internet addiction has gained popularity due to prevailing evidence that shows compulsive use can have a detrimental effect on the lifestyle and health of the individuals who are connected to it.

Signs of Addiction

People who have Internet addiction tend to have mixed feelings of both joy and guilt while on the computer. They generally lose track of time and neglect responsibilities. They uncontrollably use the computer to relieve stress, cheer up or for sexual gratification. They feel anxious or irritable when away from the computer and are more likely to alienate themselves from family and friends, generally preferring to make their social connections with strangers online.

Social Effect

Internet addiction can be a significant threat to one’s health and social well-being in that it enforces antisocial behavior. The addiction can lead to the inability to communicate in the real world by depriving the addict of the daily practices involved with interpersonal communication. The act of using facial expressions or certain gestures to relay intended emotion or emphasize meaning decline as the addict substitutes keystrokes resembling smiley faces, or avatars. Socially, subjects become more inclined to develop personality disorders in which they identify more with their Internet representation than their real-life persona. Ultimately, an addiction to the Internet can cripple one’s ability to maintain a healthy social life.

Sexual Effect

There is a popular belief among promoters of Internet censorship that overexposure to the type of explicit material available online can lead to a deluded view of real-life sexual interaction and to sex addiction. defines sex addiction as compulsive sexual behavior that creates negative legal, emotional, career or physical consequences. This behavior is considered a common psychological disorder stemming from Internet addiction.

Addiction Candidates

People who are most susceptible to Internet addiction are teenagers, people who already have anxiety attacks or issues with anxiety, those who have undergone recent trauma that has made them home-bound and less active, people with prior addictions and those with a lack of support from their peers or family. People coping with depression are the biggest candidates to find solace in excessive computer and Internet use.


Social Network Chat Rooms

The original chat rooms that arose with the introduction of the Internet have made drastic advancements. Now, virtually every social networking Website has some form of chat tool. Dually, innovative 3Ddating Websites have revolutionized the chat room concept, allowing members to create avatars in their likeness to interact with one another. Likewise, online poker and gambling sites have become a major source for networking ever since former accountant turned professional poker player Chris Money Maker was globally televised winning the No Limit Texas Holdem Championship in 2003.


Many recognize the first chat room as the AOL chat forums that gained popularity in the early 1990’s. Chat rooms are synchronous or asynchronous conferencing forums. This identifies them as online forums that provide instant messaging, online forums and the ability to interact while immersing participants in graphic environments. Chat rooms have also achieved a stigma of being very dangerous locations for younger children since they can be havens for pedophiles.


Chat rooms play a significant part in promoting businesses, politicians and the ideology of the public. A large part of the success Chicago senator Barack Obama had in the American Presidential election is attributed to the flux of communication between young people in chat rooms. While their parents lack the scruples necessary to call up neighbors to talk politics, chat rooms provide computer savvy youth with the safeguard to debate and interact on very personal topics without the conversation escalating into violence. This convenience has largely been credited to why the younger generation has been much better informed than prior generations.

Expert Insight

The popularity of these sites tend to fluctuate, but currently these are the hottest spots to chat. Currently the most popular chat rooms for adults are as follows: Pongo, MSN, Excite Chat, iVillage, TalkCity, Yahoo!Chat, and Lycos Chat. The most popular Teen Chat sites are: Wired Reality, Bolt, Alloy, Chathouse, Chat-Center, and Teen. The most popular kid chat sites are: Teen Chat Center, Kids’s chat at, Yabber, and Chatway. While nothing is set in stone when it comes to the internet, and websites are constantly popping up rejuvenating certain brands, those social networks that prove to be most successful all have a good grasp on real time chatting and its evolution


The Piracy Generation

The expansion of the internet, and other technologies that enhance communication, have inadvertently led corporations to exist within a global market that require them to be omnisciently connected to the ever changing interests of their consumers. Online music piracy is the copyright infringement of audio-visual works through the use of the internet. It occurs when unauthorized copies are made of music or films. This criminal action has been a significant worry for both the film and music industry since the late 1970’s, but the recent boom in technology has ushered in a new age of piracy that is unparalleled. The key devastating factor music piracy does to record companies, specifically outside of the U.S. and U.K., is that it is allowing unit capacity to outweigh demand.



The Symantec Corporation, founded in 1982, is an international corporation known for selling security and information management computer software. For the companies 2003 security response titled Cyberterrorism? Sarah Gordon and Richard Ford assess all of the facts about cyberterrorism for the purpose of increasing common knowledge about prevention. In the opening of the publication Gordon acknowledges that the term cyberterrorism has a very abstract identification in society. She argues that, if you ask 10 people what ‘cyberterrorism’ is. You will get at least nine different answers! When those 10 people are computer security experts, whose task it is to create various forms of protection against ‘cyberterrorism’, this discrepancy moves from comedic to rather worrisome (Gordon, 2003). She then goes on to point out that this lack of knowledge is even more detrimental in the hands of government agencies assigned with the responsibility of protecting national assets.

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