Working at Home Doing Online Surveys is a Great Method of Earning Extra Money

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Of all the home based job opportunities that can help you to put extra money in your pocket, online surveys are one of the easiest home employment jobs that can help your finances.

Many big companies use market research as an essential tool for improving their business, therefore making market research an industry on it’s own. With the advent of the internet, surveys targeting products new and old, customer preferences and satisfaction, and comparison with competitor’s products or services, has become easier to implement in getting much needed data quicker. This information is essential to their bottom line profits, due to the enormous competition for customers, and big companies will pay cash incentives for this information. This is where online surveys come in.

Having information about consumer preferences and satisfaction, is essential for any business. Online surveys help business to avoid large financial outlays in product development, by offering alternatives to products directly to their potential customers. Much easier to change the colours, or packaging of a product online and ask people’s opinions, than to spend and  possibly waste millions of dollars actually creating the product – and then hoping it will sell.

Using professional marketing agencies specializing in collecting and analysing the opinions of potential customers, does not come cheap. Online surveys take care of all the leg-work of finding the information by having a captured audience.

Some online survey programs require a joining fee, however, due to the rapid growth and competition within the industry, more often these days the programs are free to join. As the industry comes to realise there is more money to be made on back-end sales from advertising, rather than deterring potential survey takers with fees, most survey programs are free to join without risk or obligation.

What do you have to do to make money?

After signing up to an online survey program that you find suits you, there will be a relatively short series of questions regarding your lifestyle, health, employment, etc, for you to fill out online. This is an essential filtering process so that it can be determined what type of surveys you are more likely to complete. For instance, there is no point in sending you surveys about feminine products if you are male.

You will be sent emails with an invitation to complete online surveys on particular subjects, these can be about anything from toiletry products , motor vehicles, mortgage and finance, through to personal opinions about society, the environment, sport,etc. If the subject does not interest you, there is no obligation to complete the survey, as other invites on different subjects will be sent. All that is required of you is to have a current email address and to agree to and complete the surveys online.

Are the surveys difficult to complete?

In a word – NO. There are no wrong answers here, this is all about your opinions and your preferences. Some surveys only require you to watch a few quick videos comparing different styles of the same advertisement. Some only ask you about what you watch on television, and if you are watching the tele at the time, this is pretty much a no-brainer. There are no involved mathematical equations, or anything like that. These surveys are not about how intelligent you may or may not be.

How much do you get paid for doing online surveys?

This can differ between the many survey sites. Some offer entry tickets in competitions or lotteries, and these prizes can be quite substantial ( there is an Australian one that offers $10,000 in prize money). Usually at the end of the month, the survey company pays you the compensation in the form of check or into an account of your choice. With some survey companies, once you reach a designated total, usually $50, you are entitled to claim the reward. In some cases you build up credits which entitle you to choose rewards such as physical products to be sent to you, gift vouchers, or the ability to donate your proceeds to a charity of your choice.

Some companies are ready to pay $25 for answering one single survey. Doesn’t sound like much, but with a number of surveys this can build up within a short period. Keep in mind, too, you are getting paid to do a survey which you can complete sitting in front of the television, or waiting at the bus-stop, or airport. And, there are NO wrong answers.

Note:Higher rates of compensation may be determined by which country you live in.

Taking online surveys is a great method of earning extra money from home.


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