Re-planting Pot-bound as Well as Open-rooted Plants

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In the event that a recently purchased plant comes out of the pot very easily, plus isn’t root-bound – re-plant it as it is. Do not worry should some of the soil drops off.

Should the potted plant be so newly potted-up, as to have not yet settled, you may find all of the soil falls away when you de-pot. Don’t worry. To start with, never purchase from the same shop again. Then reclaim the fallen soil, re-incorporate it in with the new soil or potting-mix, then continue potting.

In the event that after you have removed the container and the plant is compacted with roots, or root-bound, more roots than potting-mix – you should pry them apart prior to re-potting. Sometimes you might need to cut the roots, if indeed the plant has been growing in the container too long. These roots are cut like you would a melon, then tease the roots apart taking out any harmed material.Most likely a little trimming will be needed, as well. As the roots have been developing around and ’round the container, they could reach a great length, making re-planting difficult.

If you don’t attend to this, the roots might carry on to growing as they were before. Even though the plant will carry on growing in it’s new container, it’s development is going to be slow and probably stunted.

If you find the plant is pot-bound, as well as in need of some root improvisation, again you may find yourself without soil close to the roots. Do not press the panic button. Do not purchase from that retailer again. Also, don’t mix those roots and additional soil back into the new potting-soil. If you add this to the soil used in re-potting, as bits of roots begin to rot, this might produce problems for all the new roots trying to get a footing, and rot them too.

All damaged, bleeding, or loose roots ought to be eliminated. Either cut them back again to the base of the root, in the event that they are greatly damaged, or, if only lightly injured just back to some wholesome section from the root.

In each these cases, including bare-rooted stock, the soil-less roots ought to be placed, as much as is feasible, spread out over a small mound of soil within the pot. Being mindful of the original soil level about the plant and additionally, sticking to it, fill and firm with the potting-mix until you get to within an inch of the top of the pot.

Water thoroughly, or bathe the container in the bucket of water for 20 minutes, to remove any air pockets.

If you use the above info, you should have no trouble when re-potting container-bound or bare-rooted plants.


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