Why Purchase Email Marketing Lists?

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Having decided to start on an email marketing campaign, your next task is to construct an e-mail advertising list – but where does this come from? Many individuals give in to the lure of ‘buying’ e-mail advertising lists. Do not join this herd.

You’ve likely observed the advertisements that offer you millions of email addresses for a relatively low price, well should you be seduced by this idea, you’ll more than likely end up being labelled a ‘spammer’.

Most likely the vast majority of the messages you will be sending will wind up in ‘junk’ email folders, and you’ll get no benefit for your money. A good 70% of the addresses you purchase are, in truth, fake or have been cloned, and the leftover 30% have not asked to receive your message to begin with. There are those that choose to ‘rent’ lists from different submission providers, but this may end up costing anywhere from 20 to 30 cents per email.

What can you do? Make use of the following ideas to get your imagination flowing and build your personal, focused mailing list. Remember, your primary goal should be to deliver email messages to individuals who really wish to receive them.

The most important question is, “where can you find these people?”

Your best bet is to begin with distinct marketing methods and give consideration to your web visitors. Below, you will find a list, of things that will ensure your email advertising list is successful.

1. The Physical Aspect:

— if you operate an actual shop, be certain to request that clients provide you with their email address at the counter. You might also wish to consider sending out surveys by way of the post, or operating extra contests to obtain access to customer contact information.

2. Try Surface Mail Advertising:

— post out leaflets or postcards to all prospective clients. However you style your postcards or fliers, be certain to request that people go to your site and register to get the valued information and relevant messages.

3. Doing it on foot:

– this is a excellent opportunity for students who are on break during the summer. with students knocking on doors, offering info in exchange for email addresses.

4. Your Website:

–- ask for people to sign in to your guestbook, your e-mag., or your ezine that you are providing – offering a free of charge report or e-book, including any competition that you are offering. Be sure to put this opportunity on each page, or post of your web site.

5. Consider Starting an On the internet Competition:

— open contests are a very effective method to obtain email addresses. On competition admittance forms, request email addresses as technique of authorization for contest entry.

6. Consider the use of Telemarketers:

— think about utilizing a telecommerce service or telemarketing agent, to make contact with with your prospective clients. Ask your telemarketers to request email addresses, and provide bonuses or gifts, for having prospects provide their email addresses.

7. Think about Utilizing a Broker:

— request sites that provide brokerage services, with major visitors, to link to your service and provide signing up info. Most broker agents will supply this service for an average of $.10 to $.15 per email sales message.

As you can see there are a number of methods to achieving your goal, whenever you require subscribers for your e-mail marketing campaigns – you do not have to waste money purchasing email marketing lists.


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