Making Money After Getting Laid Off

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Start your own company. Set up an entity, such as an LLC.  Learn how to set up your own LLC.  Then brainstorm for business ideas. This is the way to figure out what your business should be.  How can you turn your idea into a business? It can be in the field that you just left. Or if there is another field that interests you, this is a great time to transition. Think about the opportunities that your old company overlooked. What can you be good at that they were poor at? What opportunities do other companies overlook in other fields?

The second area is to write Internet articles. While it won’t replace your income overnight, writing articles online can build up a steady stream of passive internet income. Some great places to write articles are Bukisa and eHow.  Use your knowledge base to share with others and make money.

Sell things online.  You can sell items on Amazon or eBay.  Dig up old items around the house to sell online.

Work temporary jobs.  Find part-time jobs to supplement your income while you are building up passive income streams.  You can find contract work on or other contract work sites.

The most important thing is to stay confident.  Look at getting laid off as an opportunity to do the right thing for your life.  Don’t get bogged down in negativity.  It can be a very good thing to be forced to rethink your life plan!

Contract work. Check out websites such as and to find freelance opportunities. Use your skills to pick up side projects. You work in your own environment and according to your own schedule.


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