How to Break Up With a Boy

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How to Break Up With a Boy

There is this guy, he’s kind of cute and you really like him. Problem is, you are already dating this other guy. Tough one. Well, tough if you don’t want to cheat on the guy you are already dating. Don’t cheat. Just break up. It’s more honest, and you’ll feel better about yourself in the end. Also, there is this little thing called KARMA. You cheat, you will be cheated on.

But how do you break it off? You don’t want to totally destroy the guy. That too can come back to bite you in the ass.

1. No texting. Sorry, its not that easy. Even if you do just text him with the short “its over”, don’t think that your in-box on your phone isn’t going to be full with messages and voice mail full of “Why? What’s wrong with you? How could you break up with someone by TEXTING?” And he wouldn’t be wrong to ask. Honestly, think how you would feel. Yep, that would suck, so don’t do it. Same thing with answering machines and voice mail.

  1. Unless there has been domestic violence issues involved (on his part, not yours-although if it is yours, you have a whole ‘nother set of problems that this article won’t help you with) then break up face to face. You might have to see him cry, and even though that might tug a bit on the heart strings, stick to your guns (not actual guns-that’s a metaphor.) Tell him how you feel and be honest. Don’t drag it out, don’t be mamby-bamby about it, but don’t be mean either. You don’t have to tell him that he’s boring, even if he is, and you don’t have to tell him that he’s a bad kisser, even if he is. If you aren’t ‘into him’ anymore, tell him.
  2. Tell him all this in a semi-public place. It’s just safer. Maybe a park, or at a coffee place that you could sit down and have some privacy, but can still call a waiter if need be.
  3. It doesn’t have to be anybody’s fault. It’s easier if you don’t play the blame game. But don’t say “It’s not you, it’s me.” That is just too overused and will sound as fake as it actually is.
  4. Don’t try to ‘be friends’. You can be acquaintances, you can see each other socially in situations that force you to, but you can’t be friends. If you dated for any length of time, then that ship has sailed. There are, of course exceptions to that, but they are rare in the extreme, and usually just lead to more hurt feelings in the end.
  5. Don’t drag it out, and don’t let him drag it out. You get to listen to him, it’s only fair, but you don’t have to let him beg or give him false hope by saying that he can call you later, or that you could maybe date in the future sometime just because it might be easier for you at this moment to do so. Let him move on the same way you are. Be kind, but be firm and both of you move along.

Will you be seeing this person again? Do you have mutual friends that will force you to eventually share the same air? In that case, don’t be a bitch. And remember Karma.


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