Becoming Wiser – Psychical, Emotional and Mental Health Based on Dream Interpretation

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Some people want to learn the meaning of their dreams with an intense curiosity, as I have observed many times. I was one of them and this is why I discovered that the unique correct method of dream interpretation was discovered by Carl Jung, even though he was not completely correct because he ignored too much. I corrected his mistakes, discovering much more.

A certain woman has already sent me five dreams for translation besides reading all my ebooks and articles with an intense desire to learn the meaning of her dreams.

She actually translated one of her dreams alone but she wanted to have my opinion. She asked me: “Is the interpretation so simple? Did I really discover the dream’s meaning by following your directions?”

She couldn’t believe that she had already learned how to translate her own dreams alone.

I told her that her translation was quite correct, and I only slightly improved on a certain part.

She told me then that she understood that she had a particular problem and that the translation of the dream hadn’t helped her solve it. Her dream was simply explaining to her something that “she already knew”.

When would she see the solution?

“Only when the unconscious mind decides to send you this lesson”, I answered. “Your dreams follow a sequence. The unconscious mind first of all explains to you very well all your problems, and only then, shows you the solutions”.

You may decide to jump directly to the last part, but the unconscious mind is a doctor and a teacher who is also trying to help you to develop your intelligence.

You have to understand all your mistakes very well so that you won’t repeat them in the future, and so that you’ll be able to really understand the solution to your problems, because they basically depend on your attitude.

Of course, there are also cases where we observe an immediate enlightenment, in only one dream.

A young man learned so much with the translation of a quite short dream that he found the solution for all the problems of his life, and not only the solution for the problems that were worrying him at the time.

This is true, because the unconscious mind cares first of all for your mental health and your happiness. This man was near the comprehension of everything that he needed to understand: he was ready to see such revealing dream.

If you are lost in your mistakes, doubts and fantasies, the unconscious mind cannot directly give you all the solutions you need.

This is why it provides you psychotherapy through many dream messages, explaining all your mistakes, why you are wrong, what is correct and why, what else influences your behavior besides the anti-conscience’s absurd tendency, and many things more.

You have to analyze your life and your behavior, so that you may evolve.

If you have a very serious problem, you will see many dreams analyzing the problem in detail. This will give you relief, because you’ll understand exactly what is happening to you and therefore, what exactly you must do in order to successfully solve your problems without fears or doubts, but with opened eyes and confidence.

This way, you’ll also become more intelligent, and able to find solutions alone, without depending on the guidance of the unconscious mind.

You cannot hope to acquire psychical, emotional and mental health without participating in your own psychotherapy, since everything depends on your attitude.

You have to become wiser, besides solving all the problems of the moment.


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