Ways to Celebrate Sweetest Day in October

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Sweetest Day is observed on the third Saturday of October. It is great to have this day fall on a non-working day. The possibilities are endless of things you can do on a Saturday for and with people. Many people don’t know or care really about Sweetest Day, but real die-hard kind people do.  Some people say the day was invented by card companies to have another reason to have us buy stuff, but actually it is a day to show kindness to loved ones in our lives. It was actually started by a candy company hoping it would catch on as a highly observed holiday to show love to loved ones and buy candy. It is actually NOT a day to be like Valentines Day for showing the romantic kind of love to sweethearts, but a day to show appreciation for people who have been kind to us. It is a day to say, “Thank you.” It is a day to also be kind to shut-ins, the elderly, orphans, and the ill.  I think we need to be more aware of this day and determine to “make a difference” in people’s lives that we maybe don’t normally have contact with.  A day to be kind other than the holidays…that is a swell thought.  Why not celebrate Sweetest Day this year and be kind to someone who deserves it?  Here are some ideas of kindness…

DECIDE:  Everyone goes through life with ups and downs. Hopefully when we are down, we have a network of people who pitch in and help.  This is a great day to say, “Thank You” to them. Talk to your family and decide who you want to honor for Sweetest Day.  Have everyone remember specific people who have been special and kind to you as a family during recent months.  If there is no one that comes to mind for that reason, as a family you can decide whom in your lives you can honor for that day.  Try to think of someone who is maybe ill, or in a nursing home, or a foster child, or that has special needs.  Once you have a person in mind, you can go from there and find out from their family members what they are “in to.”

EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE:  Go to the library with your kid’s. Have them check out a book to read (not too large) about Sweetest Day. Plan for them tell the family about what they learned at your festive dinner, so everyone can learn too. Parent’s can share too! Have everyone read some interesting facts or trivia about Sweetest Day that people aren’t aware of. Your family will enjoy learning something new.

LEND A HAND:  As a family, rake leaves or shovel snow for your honoree.  Pull out the weeds from their flower beds. Ask if you can plant new flower bulbs (whatever they like) to brighten their yard.  Offer to take out trash or move some boxes they need help with.  Offer to clean their garage.  Help them organize a spot that they would like done: a pantry, storage shelves, closets, etc. 

VISIT: If you don’t know someone who is ill, injured, or elderly you want to honor, find out from your church who they are and offer to visit them as a family.  Take a plate of homemade cookies or bread and plan to stay 20 minutes or so—you don’t want to wear out your visit, especially if you have small active kids. 

COOK A MEAL: Cook a meal and take it to your honoree or invite the honoree to come over for dinner.  Make the night all about honoring that person.  Have your kids make cards to give him or her.  Have them read a story or poem they wrote in honor of them. If you know a foster kid from school or church, invite them over for a family pizza and game night or take them on a picnic or to a ball game with your family for the day. Take pictures.

WRITE THANK YOU’S: Write Thank You notes to people that have been kind to you and your family during the year.  Tell them about Sweetest Day and why you chose them to write to.  Have your family write to someone they personally know as a neighbor or church member or family member, etc. who fits into the “categories” you are honoring for Sweetest Day.  Tell that person specific things you are glad they did for your family or are doing currently. Teaching children to show appreciation with words will only strengthen your kids’ character and help them appreciate peoples’ kindnesses.  Start making a list of blessings and kindnesses people show to you, so that next year on Sweetest Day, you can easily remember who you want to honor.

SEND CARE PACKAGES:  If the person you want to honor on Sweetest Day is in College or in the military or long-distance, surprise them with a care package of specific things they like or a special present of something they can’t afford but really need or want.

PRAY FOR PEOPLE: Don’t take this lightly. There is power in prayer. The Bible says, “Prayer changes things.” Pray. Teach your children to pray for ill, elderly, injured, homeless, and orphaned.

If you would like to do more to help others than just on Sweetest Day, join some groups who make a difference in people’s lives everyday, such as:

JOIN BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS:  To keep the spirit of Sweetest Day going, call them and start making a difference in a young person’s life. You will take Sweetest Day to a higher level.

JOIN HOSPICE:  This type of service takes a real special person. If you have a servant’s heart and want to make a difference in someone’s life, this is a great way for you to show kindness to someone who is terminally ill with cancer. This definitely spreads the love of Sweetest Day for longer than just once a year.

Come up with your own ideas! Kids often have VERY creative ideas! Have fun and Happy Sweetest Day! Check out my other holiday celebration article ideas!


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