Ways to Observe Columbus Day in October

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October isn’t only about Halloween.  Columbus Day comes first and it is a good day in American history to take time out and observe.  The original, traditional Columbus Day observance is on October 12th, but the day it is recognize as a U.S. Holiday falls on the second Monday of October of each year. This is to make it easier on working people to plan a 3 day weekend.  Remember, banks are closed and the mail doesn’t go on this day, but many schools are in session.

Columbus Day is the day we American’s celebrate the discovery of the Americas by a long voyage led by Christopher Columbus in 1492.  Some historians refute the fact that Christopher Columbus was the first man to discover this new land, but so far, the history books haven’t formally changed. 

Here are some ways you can observe and celebrate Columbus Day and not let it just go by as an ordinary day. 

EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Take your kids to the library if they aren’t in school or after school. Have them check out a book to read (not too large if they are very young) about Christopher Columbus. Plan for them tell the family about him at dinner, so everyone can learn about what he is famous for. Have them read some facts about him that most people aren’t aware of. Your family will enjoy learning something new about him. Ask your teacher if you can watch a Documentary about Christopher Columbus on DVD or online.  Learn about what other things Christopher Columbus did at that time and how it has changed history.  What can you do to celebrate Christopher Columbus’ accomplishments?

VISIT A MUSEUM: Find out where there are historic venues about Christopher Columbus and visit them. Maybe it is his childhood home or gravesite or a museum that has historical things from his life.

FLY THE FLAG: It is a National Holiday. Put your American Flag out or on the pole if you have one. If you don’t, go buy one as a family. Remember the rules, if it is raining, don’t put it out to get wet, if it is night, shine a light on it. Don’t let it touch the ground. SOMETHING TO NOTE: If you have an American Flag that is worn and torn, give it to your local boy scouts troop and they will give it honors and properly dispose of it.

DRESS FOR THE OCCASION: Wear Red, White, and Blue patriotic clothing for the day!! Wear our country’s Star’s and Stripe’s colors with pride!

MAKE A T-SHIRT: The day before, go to a craft store and fabric paints and a $5.00 t-shirt and paint a shirt in honor of Christopher Columbus. Wear it proudly. (Allow time to dry overnight).  There may even be shirts or other clothing items honoring him in stores you could buy if you don’t have time to make one.  Maybe your workplace (if you aren’t closed) would allow you to have a dress down day and you could wear patriotic colors or your newly made T-shirt and jeans.  Ask ahead of time, of course.

MAKE PATRIOTIC FOOD:  See my ehow articles on making these two dishes.



BAKE A CAKE: Bake a birthday cake and decorate it with “Happy Columbus Day” on it. Everyone gets to help blow out the candles!  Have kids draw pictures and put them on the refrigerator or hang them up on a wall.

ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: Here are some fun links of things for kids to do on Columbus Day if they are home:



PRAY FOR AMERICA: Don’t take this lightly. There is power in prayer. God has allowed America to be a great power and we need prayer for safety, protection, and success. The Bible says, “Prayer changes things.” Pray. Teach your children to pray for the U.S.A.

Come up with your own ideas! Kids often have VERY creative ideas! Have fun and Happy Columbus Day! Be sure to check out my other holiday celebration articles!


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