Overcoming Self-Mutilation

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Think reasonably and tell me if you think that self-mutilation can help you in any way.

Of course it can only provoke you more problems, because you feel weaker, and you live with bleeding and suffering. It is an absurd tendency that leads you to suicidal thoughts.

I have a solution for you. I have facilitated your studies immensely and you can easily learn how to translate your dreams, receiving the free and safe psychotherapy of the unconscious mind for as long as you wish.

So, everything only depends on your own efforts.

My lessons are complete and you have no excuses: It is only if you don’t care about the miraculous scientific method of dream interpretation, that you won’t be able to interpret the meaning of your dreams and find health and happiness this way. If you are a good student, you’ll become a professional dream translator like me, and solve all your problems without a doubt.

Self-mutilation is absurd and leads you to despair.

Stop following the impositions of the wild side of your conscience and find your freedom by following the directions of the unconscious mind. It will show you how to get out of the labyrinth you are in now.

Self-mutilation gives pleasure only to those that are dominated by the crazy anti-conscience, which likes terror because it doesn’t know how to find peace.

Live as a human being, building and evolving, and not like a wild animal, bleeding and destroying.

Now that science finally reveals to you all the secrets of the best free method of psychotherapy you could ever find, only if you are completely masochist and you prefer to suffer without salvation, will you continue abusing your body.

Besides being a misfortune to be led by this absurd tendency to harm your own body, you are lucky because at least you can easily learn my dynamic method of scientific dream translation, and understand immediately the dream messages that will give you back the peace, the freedom and the happiness you lost when you became a slave of the wild anti-conscience, your primitive side.

You will evolve much more, until you’ll become as wise as the unconscious mind that guides you everyday with its protective and informative dream messages.


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