How To Get A Natural looking Tan

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Get a natural looking tan without the sun. Get a healthy golden tan without sun danger. The only heatlthy tan is a fake tan. The one that comes out of the bottle. Want to look golden in your babysuit? Why not get a tan in a bottle. Before you start buff before you bronze. Scrubbing first will give you an even tone.Moisturize from head to toe this will minimize dry spots, which absorb. You do not what dry skin that is why make sure that you moistuize before you apply a bronzer. Apply your chosen tanner in a circular motion to avoid streaks. When using an aerosol hold the can 3 feet from your body and keep moving to avoid depositing too much color on one spot. When you finish let dry. I recommend the lotions these work really good . Repeat every other day to keep your tan. When you take a shower make sure that you dry yourself good. Then put your bronzer do not put it on if you are still wet it will not work. This to me is the best way to get a healthy tan. We do not need the sun to get a dark tan. This is a safe way to get a natural tan without the sun damage. Give it a try. There are so many to choose from and they look so good. When you see how good you can get a fake tan you will never want to go in the sun again. So give it a try see what you think.


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