Let Your Food Be Your Medicine – Part.1

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Stay healthy with what nature gave you.

Think how many times a week you eat a healthy meal,such as fruits,vegetables and fish?

In our tight life we usually satisfied with junk meals,we are young and strong and don’t even think about what will be when we are 40 or older,then the health problems start,and i can count hundreds kind of health problems which we suffering from in adult age.

Give you to understand you can prevent disease, rather than waiting for disease and to consume drugs with side effects around.

Proverb said by one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine”Hippocrates” – let your food be your medicine!

Much depends on regular eating of fruits, vegetables, spices and various plants,which have great benefits to proper health.

And we start from “The reasons why you should start eating bananas”

*In Research conducted for 13 years after 61 thousand women aged 76-40. The findings showed that whole fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, help protect against kidney cancer. Found that women who consumed more fruits and vegetables, that decreased their risk of the illness.

Kidney cancer risk reduced by at least 50% of women who consumed 4 to 6 units banana a week.

* Other studies have shown that eating fruit at least three servings a day may reduce the risk of age-dependent “degeneration Macula”. The cause of harm for eyesight at the age of adult.

* The banana is the best sources of potassium intake, Mineral essential in maintaining normal blood pressure, Heart health and strength of bones.

One banana contains about 450 mg potassium, four times more than other available sources, like cereal, bread and others. Eating two bananas a day will contribute to the prevention of hypertension, protection against atherosclerosis and will help with building bones. The American FDA confirmed officially to banana growers, Attributed to the banana fruit also benefits in reducing risk of stroke.

* Bananas are low in sodium, one unit Contain only 1 mg. Much of the energy from daily menu such as cereal, crackers and bread contain hundreds of milligrams of sodium.

Reduction in consumption is important in preventing hypertension, cardiovascular disease and loss of bone calcium.

* Bananas contain a unique type of dietary fiber, which donors to the Digestive health. The probity Fibers Provide food to effective bacteria, and restrain these diseases generators.

This helps prevent diarrhea due to intestinal infection, appeal of the immune system, and protection against colon cancer.

Probity fibers also contribute to increase mineral absorption from the bowel, reduce absorption of cholesterol and balance the blood sugar levels.

* Bananas have substances which assist the operation of cells that make up the sides of the stomach, to produce mucous barrier that protects against gastric juice.

Other compounds in bananas called “proteases inhibitors”, Help destroy bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. The high potassium content of bananas contributes to improving the health situation, after drinking Alcohol, and helps prevent the sense of “Hangover”.

* Banana contains “Tryptophan”, Amino acid that makes “serotonin”- Active ingredient in the nervous system. Among his other roles – sleep and appetite regulation, and assistance in creating a sense of calm.

So banana recommended when feeling a little hungry during the day.

Now you tell me, isn’t banana almost a perfect doctor?

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