Farmville Coin cheat that saves!

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Facebook Coin Cheat with four simple steps and even a video tutorial.

1. You need a facebook account with farmville application accepted and you have a farmville account active on your profile page.

2. Login to farmville, now at the bottom of your screen there should be a list of your neighbours. Click on one of them and a list of options should appear next to them. You want to go select help neighbour…and before it loads the request to accept you need to click on the same neighbours icon and help friend again.

3. What this does, is it creates a backlog of session in the webframe and as soon as you click the accept icon it brings the next accept up and so on so on. Gaining you more coins and xp from the same person in the same day.

4. You can continue this “help friend request” as many times as you want until you have the desired amount. As soon as you click the first accept it will prevent you from clicking on help friend again. So make sure you have enough before you click the first accept.

If i havent explained this as well as i could of, i have inserted a video guide too. In this video it explains my concepts but in real time, and shows you the rewards from this easy to use concept. The only difference about this cheat and most others on farmville, is this one actually saves your progress without reverting back to your previous login.


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