Save Money Be Your Own Hair Colorist.

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You can save money and time . Be your own hair colorist. You can conceal annoying grays and over grown roots with a quick trip to your local drugstore instead of the salon. Choose a box of color that matches  your hair color shade. Those that specify a non-drip formula is the best . Make sure you read the box and that it comes with applicator combs or with brushes these work really good. If you need to hide roots just apply to  the color  to new growth only. Leave on for the specified time. Make sure you read the box  for how long to leave on. This will prevents overprocessing your hair. If you want to color all of your hair follow the box directions. It is good to wash your hair once a week  with a tinted shapoo to prevent your color from fading so fast. Try washig your hair maybe every other day. Make sure you always condition this will maintain color. These days we have to do everything possible to some money. This is one way we can we can save by coloring our hair at home. Salons are not cheap. There are so many hair dyes out ther to choose from. Why not  buy your own box of hair dye and save alot of money by doing your hair at home.This is how I save money. I color my hair at home. Before I went to salons and I send alot of money just to color my hair .Now I do it myself and I save money.


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