Burn Fat Fast in Four Simple Weeks…Just Your Diet!

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Diet imageRead the below only takes 4 weeks!!!

Everybody wants that summer beach body, but not everybody knows how to get one. So many commercials advertising over-rated gizmo’s & gadgets to produce that final image seen on FHM and Fitness Sites. But the secret lies within you’re balancing of schedule vs. diet.
You don’t need to hit the gym every day! And you don’t have to live on protein shakes for years! All you have to do is want it. Self Belief!

1. Weigh yourself and make a note of it, including waist measurements.
2. Secondly clear out your cupboards of sweets, crisps and yes sugary treats and let’s start again, from scratch.
3. Make a note of your diet including the time of sittings. Breakfast/lunch/Tea.
The mornings eat is essential, Eat something that will kick start your day and mostly that slow metabolism.
Things to consider: Eggs on brown Toast/Bread.
                                   Omelette’s with your choice of filling.
                                   Cup of Tea/Coffee No Sugar!
                                   Finish it off with a nice piece of fruit.
There are many other breakfast items that will boost your resting metabolic rate. But stay away from sweet sickly cereals, white breads or those stupid cereal bars…packed with sugar.

OK things to nibble on, chopped carrots? Tomatoes I like the cherry tomatoes as there sweet and Moorish. Small tub of cottage cheese. Beef jerky Very good for metabolism, and fruit of your choice. Always ensure you drink 1 full glass of water before you eat this snack! That’s a vital part of this 4 week regime.

Lunch can be hard for some people, it’s so easy to pick up a can of coke and a packet of crisps at the local news-agent…But resist! Its only 4 weeks I’m sure you can manage 30 odd days cant you?
Eat something with meat in it! This will encourage your body to refer to stored lipids (fat) for its remaining energy. As your snacks haven’t given it its sugar fix!
If you are a vegetarian…think of a buying a small protein bar 40g Protein is a good range. Chicken and salads/ Chicken salad sandwich brown bread/a piece of fruit your choice as usual. And treat yourself to a small bag of nuts, unsalted.
But remember on the way back to the office, you still have to drink that glass of water before you even think of eating! Vital part of this as you already Know that.

OK Tea, I find with my training that preparing half the night before helps. But you don’t have to do this. Tea should be eaten no later than 7/8pm. You want this energy to be burnt off by your increasing metabolism. Too late and your body will just store this and thank you by giving you a layer of reserved fat!
Secondly, Eat in proportion to what your stomach needs, not want your eyes think it does. I.e. plate up for one not for two.

Tea can be a range of foods. Meats again are my favourite choice. Chicken is by far the best, but others do suffice. I plate up a grilled chicken with 1 portion vegetables, and one boiled egg. This meal brings about a 5% increase in your lipolysis fat burning. Another lovely tea that helps shed that weight is:
Any fish/steamed/boiled/or even grilled…with one portion vegetables and one piece of brown bread lightly buttered for a treat…if you can do without the butter this will help. But we do like treats occasionally.
Avoid deep fried items, chips can be OK in moderation but opt for a grilled version. Not a fat collector of a chip.
I treat my athletes with a nice wallop of jelly/ice cream but for one not for two again…eyes vs. belly etc.
Remember that a glass of water has to be finished with this meal!!! The water drinking practice will not change for the four weeks. It aids in the loss of your stored water retention…from sadly not drinking enough to start with. That’s not all of you but most. No fizzy drinks guys n girls…water for four weeks is doable…then you can take that one week off and go out for a meal…you need a treat! But this 4week on 1 week off will work 100% and after four weeks with No gym but following this principle check your waistline and jump back on those scales! That’s your diet sorted, but it’s not really a diet…it’s more of a life style that’s rewarding for your image and body. When you keep reducing your body weight your waist will tighten up. Then we start exercising lightly to really get that fat burning to another level, revealing those 6 hidden abs you never thought you had!

Remember self wanting is your best will power to see you through…but eating right will bring about a cleaner more efficient you…as proving by the nature studies and many other universities: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v126/n3166/abs/126008b0.html

I recommend www.naturallyripped.com he has perfected this diet/exercise and by god 6% body fat is one way to prove it! And again its all free!
                  Best wishes, your fitness instructor
                                                       Charlie x


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