Battlefield Bad Company 2 – How To Fly A Helicopter

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The most annoying thing that someone who can really pilot a helicopter can see is an amateur hopping into the cockpit and taking off with/without picking anyone up only to crash it within 10 seconds. Every helicopter in this game is most effective as a team effort, excluding the UAV. 

In this guide, you will learn how to fly all the helicopters and then some. This guide is coming from an Xbox 360 player, meaning the controls that I tell you will not be the same as PS3. For those of you who are PS3 players, just try to figure out the corresponding button and everything here should work for you too.


We are going to begin by learning how the UAV works. The UAV is a fragile mini remote control helicopter used to spot enemies, destroy vehicles, and put fire on enemy troops. You want to make sure you have “V ALT W” selected in the vehicle specializations where you create your class (it should be all the way to the right, if you have it unlocked). What this specialization does is allow you to fire a machine gun while in the UAV. If you do not have this, you are only stuck with rockets that take very long to reload.

To go into the air, you push the LB button, and to drop, you push the left trigger. Use the right analog stickto move your helicopter (up for forward, down for backwards) Shooting off the rocket is with the right trigger (just note you have a few seconds to line up your shot after you push RT). If you have the specialization, hold RB to shoot your machine gun. It is very easy to get kills with this when you are closer to the ground, but you may get yourself killed in the process. 

UH-60 Blackhawk Transport

This is the most commonly found Helicopter in Bad Company 2, therefore making it the most crashed helicopter as well. This chopper holds about 5 people in it (the pilot, 2 machine gunners, and 2 seaters). Finally, you get to learn how to fly this thing. I can only tell you how to fly this, meaning you actually need to practice yourself. Alright, as usual, RT to take off, LT to dive. No specializations will help you here, but you may want to have “V armor” to help the chopper take more hits. The golden rule of flying the UH-60 is always use the right analog stick. If you find yourself taking off only to crash within 10 seconds, it is probably because you are using the left analog stick. Do not even touch the left analog stick while you are flying this.

Oh and before I forget to mention this, always fly in 3rd person view by pushing up on the D-Pad. This allows you to see what you are doing more closely.

To move forward (dive), push up on the analog stick. This will dive the choppers nose making it move forward. Of course, if you do it too much you will crash into the ground, so make sure to push down on the analog stick to balance out when needed. And in case you didn’t understand, use left and right on the right analog stick to move left and right. Remember that you have a team with you in the helicopter. Do not just jump out of the helicopter for no reason. The chopper can take a rocket hit but still allow you to escape. If you have a missle lock, just try to shake it off, if you fail, you have a few seconds to jump out (push B to get out, and push A to activate parachute). If you helicopter didn’t die from impact, try to get back to your base and land for a engineer to help. If you have an engineer in the helicopter sitting in the seats in the back, they can repair your helicopter if you are at a low altitude. Generally you don’t want to fly low, so only do it once you become an expert.

Make sure you are either flying in a circular motion to the right or left so the people inside can shoot. If you fly straight in, you are an easy target, not to mention making it hard for your passengers to get kills. If you want UH-60 practice, filter your game searches to Rush on Isla Inocentes. On the attacker side, there are 2 UH-60’s.

Attack Helicopters (Apache, Hind, etc.)

All of the attack helicopters are relatively the same. If you have gotten used to the UH-60 transport and think you can fly any of these the same, you are mistaken. Just think of it like going from driving a mini bus to driving a Lamborghini. The handling is very different than the UH-60. The controls are very sensitive and require a lot of out the pilot. Flying controls are all the same as what I mentioned on the UH-60 but there is one thing that is different. Your passenger shooters gun is in the front of the chopper. This means you have to fly with your nose towards the enemies, which many find difficult. The real trick is how and when you are turning the chopper around. What you want to do is fly straight through the enemies (not too slow) giving your passenger a chance to shoot everything, then fly out a little extra and turn. When you are turning with one of these attack helicopters, you are going to use the left analog stick to turn at the same time as you are pushing it on the right analog stick. This allows for much tighter turning at the cost of dramatically decreasing your handling. You must be a veteran pilot to fly one of these with skill. 

You should fly these choppers in first person view. Although hard, it makes it easier to shoot targets

If you don’t know how to fly these so well, try not to pilot it when an expert can do it. There are always a handful of amateurs just waiting and the helicopter spawn instead of helping their team out. You should be an expert at flying the UH-60 before attempting to fly one of these. Also, push LB to fire rocket launchers.

Remember to keep practicing. Flying an attack helicopter with no experience is a guaranteed death. You should call yourself an expert at the UH-60 before even trying to fly something along the lines of an Apache.

I understand that some of this information may seem unclear or under detailed. Please leave a message if you need more info.


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