israeli crowd advertisment

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when israelies watch American or european ads on the TV or the internet, it does not affect them as much as it does the original oudience. in Israel, the reality brought people to a state where they need to decide quickly and improvise a lot, so the best product, if expensive enough might just be the last choice for an Israeli, with that said, Isralies do buy a veriety of products expensive and not so expensive ones, the key is to be a bit more sophisticated when trying to sell.

1. Israelies like discounts, make sure you have enough profit margin when pricing.

2. brand youself, it does help when your slogan or logo are familiar to as many people as possible, Israelies will but a new product (especially gadgets) if everyone has it even if they dont need it.

3. use promotional items, giveaways, freebies etc…. Israelies love presents.

4. when advertising, use humor the Israeli reality is harsh, they love laughing.


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