Rachet and Clank Future – A Crack in Time – Video Game Review

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Rachet and Clank Future – A Crack in Time is the perfect sequel to its previous games. Rachet and Clank have been pals for what seems like forever and this time we actually get to see Clank take a step from the shadows. This game has some new characters mixed with old and contains some new features and ideas that compliment the old style it also carries. With its improved game play and amazingly detailed worlds to explore, this game will have you glued to your TV screen.

While Rachet still has the upper hand as the game progresses, Clank finds his way into mission solving as well. His puzzles are even more challenging with thought provoking puzzles to solve. He has to solve a group of time based puzzles that will try at every thought process that you have.

In order to complete one mission, you have to realize how to make small clones of yourself in order to help you achieve perfect balance on every button. The door will only open when all buttons are pressed at the same time.

Each puzzle is located in a new room with time pads buttons and a locked door. You have to work closely with your other selves in order to achieve the precise timing of button pressing. Rachet`s puzzles are more straight forward and less of a mind boggle.

This game has excellent shooting controls and smooth sailing bullets. If you find yourself being swarmed by bad enemies you can simply take them all down with ease, using the quick response you get from the weapons.

There are loads of weapons to pick from including a shot gun and a sniper. The more enemies that you destroy the quickly you can upgrade your weapons and earn new points.

In the game you will explore worlds and solve puzzles while meeting lots of interesting characters. The characters in the game all have the same humorous tone and your mission will be one of laughter and of an upbeat tone.

In the beginning Caption Quark gives you a general breakdown of the game and of the past, so that you will understand what is happening. It is geared toward new players who have never actually played one of the Racket and Clank video games. It will assist anyone who doesn`t know what some of the terms and names mean.

This particular game is the conclusion to the story that first appeared in Tools of destruction in 2007. The game features a familiar ground while adding its own special highlights and features.

Some issues with the game were minimal. It was noted that at times your character would slam into an invisible wall during jumps and leaps. This only poses a problem if it in some way causes you to die. The only other concern was that the camera doesn`t always follow the player up to speed. So as your character dashes from one place to another, the camera at times needs time to catch up resulting in blurry graphics.

In general the overall game has amazing worlds that contain very detailed aspects to each place you explore. Space is a favourite for many, because of the fact you can go anywhere you want in it. Even though it may only take ten hours to finish the game, you can easily go back and do it again because there are lots of levels and worlds to choose from.

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