Final Fantasy XIII Oerba boss guide- Barthandelus

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Well, the good news is that this boss fight is easier than the last encounter you had with Barthandelus, the bad news is that it’s still pretty hard, and he has a shit tonne of hit points you need to chew through. This boss battle is long haul!

To start off with, Barthandelus does very little DPS. Get your buffs up and then try to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. Barthandelus gradually builds up his body until it completes. Each time he does this, his DPS increases and so the fight gets harder. This means you want to go all out to begin, and then get conservative later on. Given the length of this fight, summoning an eidolon after you first stagger the boss is not a bad idea.

Once you start finding it hard to keep your health up, switch to a buff/debuff paradigm like evened odds. You can slow Barthandelus to buy some time, and also try to haste your own characters. Don’t apply too many buffs though, as otherwise the boss will use his aposis ability to clear all his debuffs and all your buffs!

With your buffs and debuffs in place, start attacking Barthandelus with a semi offensive, semi healing paradigm (Diversity works well), to keep your HP up as you slowly build his chain gauge. This time, he is easy to stagger. Once he’s staggered, either go mystic tower or if you have plenty of HP, tri disaster. Take full advantage of the stagger and pile on as much damage as you can!

Once barthandelus recovers, either go back to your buff/debuff paradigm if you need to re apply haste, or go back to your semi offensive paradigm and start again.

Aside from the previously mentioned aposis attack, Barthandelus has only two other attacks you need to be aware of. The first is his ability to inflict lots of status changes. Don’t bother healing them, none of them are serious. Just keep your HP above about 60% and you’ll be fine. The second is used once his real face appears- Thanatosian laughter. It’s not very powerful, but if you can switch into a sentinel based paradigm when he uses it, it becomes nothing more than a minor irritation.

He has no super attack this time, so just keep a cool head. He will cast doom, but provided you can stay on the offensive, this shouldn’t be an issue. Remember- if you are in trouble, your health is low or you can’t find the DPS when you stagger Barthandelus, an eidolon is your friend!

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